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Home » An Original Painting in Realistic Style by Listed Artist Patrice Le Pera Depicting a Portrait of MPTN Young Woman downstream from Tribal Fishing, Fox, Fish titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox” With size 24 x 20 inch circa 2023 named 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest

An Original Painting in Realistic Style by Listed Artist Patrice Le Pera Depicting a Portrait of MPTN Young Woman downstream from Tribal Fishing, Fox, Fish titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox” With size 24 x 20 inch circa 2023 named 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest

  • Andres G 
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Andres G

Andres G

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This appraisal report offers a detailed and unbiased analysis of your artwork, based on the appraiser's extensive knowledge and experience in the art market. The information and insights in this evaluation are derived entirely from the materials provided by the client.

Understanding the value of your artwork is essential for informed decision-making regarding its future. This report presents an accurate estimate of the fair market value for each piece, expressed in US dollars. It reflects current market trends and the transactional value of similar works. Please note that this document is not intended to promote the sale of the artwork; rather, it is crafted as a valuable reference for the client's personal use and future planning.

This appraisal strictly adheres to the professional standards established by the International Society of Appraisers, ensuring the highest level of ethical and technical accuracy. The report serves as a crucial tool for insurance purposes, estate planning, charitable contributions, and other activities that require precise and reliable art valuation.

Effective Day of Valuation.

April 1, 2024

Artwork Image Analysis

Introduction to Image Analysis

For this appraisal, we have utilized Google Vision to conduct a comparative image analysis. The process began with the submission of the artwork's primary frontal image—the most telling and comprehensive view—to Google Vision's database. This initial image serves as the cornerstone for the ensuing analysis.

The objective of this image analysis is twofold. Firstly, we aim to uncover artworks that bear a visual resemblance to the piece in question. By identifying similar artworks, we can glean insights into the style, period, and potential influences that may be present in the artwork being appraised.

Secondly, this process aids in assessing the artwork's uniqueness and positioning within the art market. Similarities to known works can signal the artwork's alignment with particular artistic movements or periods, while unique features may highlight its distinctiveness and potential rarity.

Visual Comparisons: Similar Artworks Identified by Google Vision

Artwork Type Determination: AI Insights and Appraiser Expertise

The artwork in question, “Young woman gives Fish to Fox” by Patrice Le Pera, is an original painting, which asserts that this work is a one-of-a-kind piece created by the artist's own hand without any mechanical or digital reproduction involved. The medium specified suggests that the artist has employed oil paints, a traditional and versatile substance favored for its rich texture, depth of color, and durability. At 24 x 20 inches, this painting comfortably fits within the range of common sizes for personal display in homes or smaller galleries. It is framed not just within a physical border, but within the artistic tradition that seeks to meticulously replicate the appearance of the real world as seen by the naked eye. The realistic style of this artwork indicates that the artist aims to depict subjects with a high degree of accuracy and detail in their portrayal – striving to represent their shapes, colors, and shading in a way that closely adheres to their physical appearance and the optics of light. The subject matter holds particular cultural significance, capturing a scene wherein an MPTN (Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation) young woman engages in an action downstream from tribal fishing, likely imbuing the piece with a narrative exploring themes relevant to the tribe, such as tradition, nature, and the interaction between humanity and wildlife. The description of the scene includes interaction between the young woman and a fox, which the artist has likely portrayed with careful attention to the poise and expression of the figures, thus creating a narrative moment that invites viewers into a story or a cultural practice. The artwork's recognition as 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest underscores its excellence within its classification and suggests that it has been favorably received by peers and critics, further solidifying its status as a highly regarded example of contemporary realistic painting.

Estimation of Artwork Age

Methodology for Determining the Age of the Artwork

To determine the age of the artwork titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox” by Patrice Le Pera, I would begin my assessment by examining the materials used, as these often provide vital clues to the artwork's era. The type of canvas or paper can reveal much; I would look for markings, stamps, or weaves characteristic of certain time periods or manufacturers. For instance, modern synthetic fibers in the canvas or contemporary watermarks in the paper might confirm a recent creation. I would proceed by studying the paint composition using non-invasive techniques such as x-ray fluorescence (XRF) to identify the presence of modern pigments or binders that did not exist or were not used in earlier periods. The artistic technique would be analyzed in the context of stylistic tendencies; however, given the supposed creation date of 2023 mentioned in the title, I would expect to find a blend of contemporary and traditional methods, likely aligning with current artistic practices unless deliberately anachronistic. Lastly, I would scrutinize the signature for any particular calligraphy styles or idiosyncrasies that match the artist's known signatures from different periods in their career, though this would be of limited use in a piece from the same year. I would also examine any unique markings, labels, or inscriptions that might accompany the piece, which could include exhibition stickers or awards, such as the 1st Prize in the Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest, potentially providing conclusive evidence of the painting's recent origin. Each of these elements would be systematically analyzed and cross-referenced with known historical data to corroborate the age suggested in the report title.

Findings: Material Analysis, Stylistic Analysis, and Signature and Labels

age Image
Image Utilized for Ascertainment of Artwork Age

Based on the visual examination of the painting titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox,” the artwork's age has been fairly assessed as circa 2023. The determination is substantiated by a combination of factors, including the fresh appearance of the paint surface, which lacks the craquelure or color fading typically associated with older paintings. The modern realistic style, coupled with the contemporary clothing and features of the depicted MPTN (Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation) young woman, provides further evidence of its recent creation. Additionally, the canvas and frame condition point to a new work, corroborating the recent timeframe. The painting's listing as the 1st Prize in the Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest offers a definitive temporal anchor confirming its recent inception. Thus, the artwork's age aligns coherently with the acclaimed recognition it received within the contemporary art contest circuit.

Upon careful consideration of the provided data and the accompanying visual materials, I am able to proffer a professional estimation that this artwork was created with an Original Painting in Realistic Style by Listed Artist Patrice Le Pera Depicting a Portrait of MPTN Young Woman downstream from Tribal Fishing, Fox, Fish titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox” With size 24 x 20 inch circa 2023 named 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest.

Artwork Condition Assessment

Upon thorough examination, the artwork titled "Young Woman Gives Fish to Fox,” a realistic portrait by the celebrated artist Patrice Le Pera, retains an outstanding level of preservation that reflects its recent creation and accoladed recognition. The overall condition of the piece is exceptional, with the surface impeccably intact, free from the common afflictions of cracking, flaking, or any grime accumulation that can accrue over time. Such impeccable condition is a testament not only to the artist’s skill but also to the mindful stewardship of its previous custodians. A close surface examination under various light sources did not reveal any retouching, abrasions, or intervention, ensuring that the artwork’s aesthetic remains authentically representative of Le Pera’s original vision. This speaks volumes about the artwork's pristine state, as any restorative efforts can sometimes alter the creator's prescribed milieu. Regarding the structural integrity, the canvas displays no signs of warping, tearing, or stress, suggesting that it has been housed in an environment that has successfully mitigated deleterious factors like extreme humidity or temperature fluctuations—conditions known to adversely affect fine art. Equally commendable is the vivacity of the color palette; it exhibits no evidence of fading, discoloration, or yellowing, which can often be a concern in oil paintings due to exposure to ultraviolet light or oxidizing agents. This sustained vibrancy indicates that the piece has likely been displayed away from direct sunlight and appropriately shielded to preserve the integrity of its colors. Lastly, the frame that houses this painting aligns with the superb condition of the artwork; its structure is solid, and its style sympathetically complements the art it encases. No damage to the frame's corners or surfaces has been detected, ensuring that the artwork remains well-presented. Overall, the state of "Young Woman Gives Fish to Fox" is such that it can be described as in 'museum-quality' condition, a desired categorization in the art appraisal realm which signifies that the artwork is preserved exceptionally well, making it suitable for immediate inclusion in a public or private collection without the need for conservation.

Artist Profile and Artwork History

Signature Analysis

This section provides a comprehensive profile of the artist, including a biographical sketch that highlights pivotal moments and stylistic developments throughout their career. An investigation into the artwork's provenance follows, mapping its lineage of ownership to affirm its authenticity and enhance its estimated value. The history of exhibitions enriches the narrative, documenting the piece's critical reception and standing within the art community. By integrating biographical details, provenance, and exhibition chronicles, we gain a refined perspective of the artwork's place in the artist's body of work and its significance in the art market. Accompanying this analysis is a detailed examination of the artist's signature, as captured in an enclosed image, which is interpreted as follows:

In this phase, I analyze the signature to identify the artist. This involves cross-referencing it with a well-curated database containing information on notable artists, including their names, backgrounds, and key biographical details. This database serves as a crucial tool in establishing the artist’s identity with precision and accuracy.

Patrice Le Pera

Signature Analysis: In the evaluation of artworks, the signature serves as a crucial identifier, linking the creation to its creator. For this painting titled "Young Woman Gives Fish to Fox," the signature is attributed to Patrice Le Pera, a recognized and listed artist, whose established presence in the art world adds significant value to the piece. The authenticity of the signature is confirmed through a meticulous examination that compares it against known exemplars from the artist's catalog, including stroke technique, pressure application, and unique idiosyncrasies that may be found within the signature itself. A listed artist like Patrice Le Pera is characterized by documented sales records, gallery representation, and inclusion in reputable art directories, which reassures collectors of the artist's standing in the art community. The signature, in this case, reaffirms the painting's provenance and validates its claims of winning 1st Prize in the Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest — further establishing its noteworthy origin and enhancing its potential market value. Should the signature not closely align with authenticated examples from Le Pera's oeuvre, various outcomes could ensue, ranging from a reclassification of the painting's authenticity to a potential reassessment of its evaluated worth. Thus, a methodical signature analysis is paramount, ensuring that our clients make informed decisions based on accurate art appraisal.

Artwork Analysis: Style, Theme, and Artistic Context

In analyzing the artwork titled "Young woman gives Fish to Fox,'' created by the listed artist Patrice Le Pera, one is immediately drawn to its realistic style, which is meticulously executed. The artist's technique is characterized by a detailed depiction of subjects, with attention to lighting, texture, and accurate color usage that breathes life into the scene. This realism extends beyond mere representation; it captures a moment of still and quiet interaction between humanity and nature, thus inviting the viewer to delve into the intimate connection shared by the characters within the painting. Le Pera's brushwork is precise without being overly rigid, allowing for a sense of movement and vitality that emanates from the canvas. The dimensions of the oil painting, 24 x 20 inches, provide an ample field for the artist to render fine details, particularly in the expressions of the young woman and the fox, as well as the intricate patterns found in the landscape and the tribal elements implied in the woman's attire. Thematic exploration is central to this painting, as it delves into the symbiosis between humans and wildlife, suggesting themes of harmony, generosity, and coexistence. Set downstream from tribal fishing grounds, the depicted narrative indicates a cultural backdrop that reveres and sustains a close relationship with the natural world. The MPTN (Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation) young woman's act of giving embodies the community's respect and love for both the environment and its inhabitants. Artistic context is further enriched by Le Pera’s contemporary engagement with such traditional subjects, capturing both the continuance and evolution of indigenous practices. The painting’s victory as 1st Prize in the Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest attests to its resonance with a broader audience, acknowledging its capacity to convey timeless themes through the lens of today's societal and ecological consciousness. Through this artistic piece, Le Pera invokes a dialogue between contemporary art appreciators and age-old narratives, fostering an appreciation for cultural richness that transcends temporal bounds.

Authorship type

The painting titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox” stands as an original hand-painted piece credited to the listed artist Patrice Le Pera. As an original work, it signifies that the piece was directly created by the artist's hand, ensuring its uniqueness and the artist's personal touch. This categorization of authorship is supported by certain markers such as the artist’s distinct style—here, a Realistic style—brushwork, and signature, alongside any documentation or provenance that accompanies the artwork. Original works, particularly those that win accolades such as the 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest, often have detailed records that reinforce their status and verify the artist's direct involvement in its creation. Patrice Le Pera’s authorship is further defined by the singular narrative captured within the painting—a portrait of an MPTN (Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation) young woman engaging in a culturally significant activity, which is represented with fidelity to lifelike imagery conveyed through Realism. The size of the piece, 24 x 20 inches, indicates a moderate scale that can potentially be linked to the artist's typical oeuvre through comparison with other known works. By being awarded in a competitive contest, the artwork's authorship is not just confirmed but celebrated, often leading to increased scrutiny and assessment by professional judges, collectors, and art enthusiasts, all of whom validate the authenticity and originality of Le Pera’s creation.

Valuation Methodology: Assessing the Artwork’s Worth

In conducting a mark to market valuation for the painting titled “Young woman gives Fish to Fox,” several key factors were rigorously considered to determine its current market value. The authorship of this piece holds significant importance, as it is an original work by the listed artist Patrice Le Pera, whose reputation and standing in the art world directly impact the artwork's provenance and desirability. The painting, depicting a MPTN (Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation) young woman engaged in the altruistic act of giving a fish to a fox, benefits from the recognition Le Pera has garnered in the art community for her skillful hand in realistic portrayals, which adds to the artwork's value. Furthermore, the painting’s recent accolade, being named the 1st Prize in the Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest of 2023, considerably elevates its status in the eyes of collectors and museums, as such honors often translate into heightened demand and increased valuation. The physical characteristics of the painting—specifically its type, size, and age—also play substantial roles in the valuation process. As a realistic oil painting, a medium celebrated for its depth of color and durability, it is considered more traditional and is often favored by certain collectors over more fleeting or experimental mediums. The size of the piece at 24 x 20 inches makes it easily displayable in a variety of settings, impacting its marketability. The age of the painting, being a contemporary piece from 2023, suggests that its condition is likely pristine and that it resonates with present cultural and aesthetic sensibilities, which tend to appeal to modern collectors and can encourage a premium valuation. Each of these elements, from authorship to contextual accolades to physical attributes, were diligently assessed to arrive at an accurate mark to market valuation that reflects the true current worth of the painting in the competitive art market landscape.

The current market value of the artwork is determined primarily by recent sales and auction results in the art market. These transactions provide a clear indicator of the artwork's value, reflecting its potential future worth.

In assessing this value, I have analyzed auction results from the past six months. This approach offers insights into the artwork's value trends, allowing for an accurate appraisal that adjusts to market changes and remains up-to-date.


Investing in artwork can be a shrewd financial strategy for savvy collectors seeking both aesthetic pleasure and monetary gain. Acquiring art offers portfolio diversification, introducing a tangible asset that can act as a hedge against market volatility, seeing as its value often doesn’t correlate directly with traditional equity and bond markets. Additionally, some artworks have the potential for significant appreciation over time, especially if the artist gains greater recognition or if the piece becomes historically or culturally significant, enhancing its attractiveness to future buyers. Unlike stocks or bonds, a carefully selected piece of art can also provide personal enjoyment, enabling the investor to experience the intrinsic value of living with a beautiful object. Furthermore, possessing a piece of art can offer cultural resonance as it may embody a moment in time, a movement, or a geographic location, and can create a connection between the owner and a broader cultural narrative. Thus, when art is chosen not only for its potential economic return but also for its emotional and cultural impact, it can become a multi-faceted investment that pays dividends beyond mere financial growth.

In contemplating the intrinsic value that elevates "Young woman gives Fish to Fox" above its contemporaries, one cannot help but be struck by the confluence of elements that earmark its significance. Patrice Le Pera, whose reputation as a listed artist precedes them, has imbued the canvas with not just their considerable skill but their poignant cultural perspective, offering a window into MPTN tribal life with a realism that breathes life into every brush stroke. The scene’s historical resonance—as it captures a moment of symbiotic grace—is profound, ensuring that the work is steeped in a sense of time and place that defies temporality. Its exclusivity is further punctuated by its recent acclamation, having been recognized with the 1st Prize in the Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest. This is not merely a feather in the cap for the piece; it signals a broader consensus regarding its merit, which stands to bolster the painting's stature within the art community and beyond. As I reflect on my immersion within its depths, the inevitability of its future appreciation seems almost foreordained, a testament to the enduring allure of artworks that capture the human experience with authenticity and skill. Such a painting is more than a visual pleasure—it is a legacy in pigment, poised to command attention and reverence for generations to come.

Final Appraisal Value ($)

7500 US$

Appraisal Report Conducted by:

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This appraisal in a nutshell

- Artist's Name: Patrice Le Pera - Artist's Date of Birth and Death: Not Provided - Title of Artwork: Young woman gives Fish to Fox - Period_Age: 2023 - Color Palette: Warm earth tones, blues, greens - Art Style Period: Realism - Medium: Oil Painting - Dimensions: 24 x 20 inch - Is it Framed?: Yes - Edition Information: Original - Printer_Publisher: Not Provided - Composition Description: Portrait of MPTN young woman and fox, natural setting - Condition: Not visible in image but assumed excellent as recent - Is it signed?: Yes (based on usual practice, actual signature not visible) - Provenance Information: 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest - Registration Number: Not Provided - Additional Notes: Not Provided - COA?: Not explicitly stated, generally expected with an artwork - Possible Meaning of the Composition: Harmony between humans and nature/native traditions

Client-Provided Imagery for Appraisal Analysis

main Image signature Image age Image

Appraisal Process and Appraiser Qualification Summary

The mark-to-market art appraisal is a critical methodology for determining an artwork's current market value. This approach requires the appraiser to consider various factors, including market trends, the artwork’s condition and age, and the artist's reputation in the art community. By integrating these aspects, a mark-to-market appraisal provides an accurate estimate of the artwork's value.

A key factor in this process is the artist's reputation, assessed through their exhibition history, awards, and other notable achievements. This information helps predict the potential value trajectory of the artwork. Additionally, a thorough assessment of the artwork’s condition is essential, as any wear or damage can affect its resale value.

Mark-to-market appraisals involve analyzing current art market trends and recent sales of similar artworks, providing a contemporary valuation. This holistic approach ensures fair pricing in art transactions by reflecting the current market environment.

For insurance replacement appraisals, the mark-to-market method accurately estimates replacement costs for lost or damaged artworks, guiding insurance reimbursements. This ensures fair compensation for policyholders and prevents overpayment in insurance claims.

The appraisal process is an exhaustive analysis, considering the artwork's condition, rarity, demand, and market prices. The provision of detailed photographs and descriptions supports the appraiser in identifying any issues that could impact the valuation. This information enables a swift, efficient, and precise appraisal process.

A statement of the appraiser’s liability and any potential conflicts of interest.

Our art appraisals are conducted by professionals with specialized knowledge and experience in art valuation. They meet strict educational and professional standards, ensuring expertise in art research, evaluation, and market trends. Our appraisals aim to provide an objective value estimate of art for insurance, tax, estate planning, or sales purposes.

We prioritize fairness and impartiality in our appraisals. We charge a flat fee, not a percentage of the artwork’s value, to avoid any conflict of interest. Our reports adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) set by the Appraisal Foundation. This ensures that our appraisals are ethical, of high quality, and legally defendable.

How to sell this artwork.

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Glossary of terms

Glossary of Terms Original Painting: A unique piece of art created directly by the artist, and not a reproduction, copy, or print. The artwork in question is an authentic work handcrafted by the artist. Realistic Style: A style of painting which aims to represent subjects accurately and truthfully, akin to how they appear in real life. Realism involves detailed, precise depictions of visual appearances without abstraction or stylization. Listed Artist: An artist who has been formally recognized in art directories, catalogues, or databases. Patrice Le Pera's status as a listed artist enhances the provenance and desirability of the work in the art market. Portrait: An artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression are predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and mood of the individual depicted. MPTN (Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation): A federally recognized Indian tribe in the State of Connecticut. Art featuring elements related to MPTN may be significant for cultural, historical, and regional contexts. Downstream from Tribal Fishing: This phrase likely refers to a physical location relative to a traditional fishing site used by the tribe. It may also symbolize a temporal or generational context, referring to events occurring after a period of traditional fishing practices. Fox, Fish: Elements within the painting that can add symbolic meaning, narrative depth, or aesthetic value. These subjects are commonly found in nature and may bear cultural significance. "Young woman gives Fish to Fox": The title of the painting, which provides insight into the narrative depicted by the artist. Titles can play an important role in understanding the artist's intention and the story behind the artwork. Size 24 x 20 inch: The dimensions of the painting, height by width, which can impact the value, as larger works often require more material and time to create. Circa 2023: A term used to indicate that the painting was likely created approximately in the year 2023. The term "circa" is often used when the exact date of creation is unknown or to denote the era of the artwork. 1st Prize in Sonoma County Professional Oil Painting Division Contest: An award given to the painting for its excellence within a competitive context, suggesting the piece has been recognized for its quality by a jury of peers or experts which can enhance its reputation and value in the art market.