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online art appraisal service

Online art appraisal service

Our Story offers a new kind of online art appraisal service to value your items. Instead of going to an appraiser, you go to the website and upload pictures, always making sure to provide all the information of the artwork or antique. The valuation result is available so you can make an informed decision. This is not a consultation but an appraisal done objectively, giving you precise values by a team of professionals using authenticated information.

Appraisily is the go-to resource for appraising art, antiques, jewelry, and watches. We provide justified reports for insurance purposes or for sale. Our team of experts analyzes private databases of past auction sales, expert opinions, and private networks to give you an idea of the value. Whether you’re a consignment shop or an individual with belongings they want appraised, we are here to help.

All kind of artworks

Here is a collection of the latest art appraisal made, it is updated inmediately with new appraisals:

Antique’s Appraisals

We appraise antiques as well!

Contact us

You can contact us in this email address: info at, Chat with us directly, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.