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We focused on all kinds of art pieces, from original oil paintings, limited edition prints, or prints. Each piece is carefully examined and appraised by our experts. A recommendation about possible selling venues is included in the report as well as an opinion about the authenticity of the art.

A Limited edition, hand-signed Salvador Dalí titled “Hommage à Quevedo”, Limited Edition Engraving, Salvador Dali, circa mid-late 20th century, appraised at 6,500$.

Historical Memorabilia

Is this a piece of history or a piece of paper? We try to handle all kinds of documents in this section, from memorabilia to historical documents, we can even handle autographs or letters. Our experts will try to identify the signature and provenance of the document, if possible, or suggest a possible origin.

Abraham Lincoln Autograph Letter During Early Days of Civil War, authenticated, is appraised for 25,000-30,000$.


There is an infinite amount of antique and vintage tableware, china, and ceramic-related elements. We primarily handle all kinds of crystal glass, ceramic, and china. Based upon the maker’s mark, we can provide accurate information about the origin of the piece, as well as information about the manufacturer.

A ceramic cat sculpture by Aldo Londi for Bitossi, circa mid 20th century, appraised for 450$.


From antique radios to clocks, gramophones, jukeboxes, stereos, or online gaming console systems. There is room for a lot of systems in this category. Our experts can help you to discriminate if your antique/vintage electronics system is a keep or if it is worth nothing.

Victor Victrola Talking Machine Company (American). 19th Century antique Victor talking machine Victrola. Ornate brass horn, silver-toned metal horn connector, and mahogany wood body. Makers label dated 1884, appraised for 1,000$.


Solid wood, Eastlake, Chippendale, Scandinavian… any style and type of furniture can be handled by our experts. We would ask for pictures of any metallic parts of the furniture to accurately date. Our experts will identify the style and type of wood used in the pictures have enough quality. An appraisal value and different tips for selling are included in the report.

A modern skandinavian circa mid 20th century, solid wood, chair “fauteuil chair”, inspired in designs of XIX century, appraised at 4,500$.


All kind of online and offline items that are less than 100 years old are considered Vintage rather than Antiques. We can help you to find the value of all kind of Vintage items, porcelain ad signs, fans, vintage electronics or radios. Just send us your request and we will process it accordingly.

online art appraiser

A completely restored Gas Pump Vintage model WAYNE 861 circa 1932 Clockface Pump appraised for 2,500$.