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Using metal fixtures to date your vintage furniture

  • Andres G 
  • 1 min read

Mother may not have told you, but you can get more than a bad case of tetanus from those metal screws and plates found on most old furniture.  Whether it’s nails, latches, keyholes or hinges, the secret of your antique’s birth century can be unlocked by carefully examining its metal parts. Antique hunters know, the texture and construction of metal fixtures can vary distinctly from century to century. So, the next time you’re rummaging around in grandpa’s attic looking for your next big ebay treasure to sell, pay careful attention to that steamer trunk’s keyhole plate. The treasure is all yours.

Metal screws can give an accurate interpretation of the age of any furniture.

For instance, the picture showed corresponds to an screw from circa early-mid 20th century.

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