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Mo‘ai kavakava Hand Carved Figure

  • Andres G 
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Mo‘ai kavakava Hand Carved Figure

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This is a professional appraisal report for provided upon request. It contains a detailed description and valuation of your . This document also includes information about how to sell your item, and about the Valuation method we’ve used. Keep in mind the appraisal value is only aplicable to this particular unit and should NOT be understood as a general valuation of . It is very important to understand this, as values can range from 100$ to 100k$ depending on subtle details.

This report is designed to give you an appraisal value for the you own, whether it is a furniture, china, glassware, or other types of antique or collectible items. The information provided will help you to understand your piece and its value. It also provides an appraisal value in US dollars, as well as how to sell it. This report is not intended to encourage you to sell your antique, rather it aims to provide information on your antique’s value so that you know what steps to take if you do wish to sell.

Description and history of

This is an original Mo‘ai kavakava Hand Carved Figure.

The Mo’ai Kavakava are male carvings, and the mo’ai Paepae are female carvings. These grotesque, highly detailed human figures carved from Toromiro pine represent ancestors. The earlier figures are rare and generally depict a male figure, particularly with an emaciated body and a goatee. The ribs and vertebrae are exposed and many examples show glyphs on various parts of the body, but more specifically on the top of the head. The female figures, rarer than males, depict the body as flat and often with her hand lying across her body. These figures that were worn as ornamental pieces around a tribesman’s neck display a shiny patina developed from constant handling and contact with human skin.

For this piece, we have a nice provenance story that I think adds a lot of value, I have included the text here:

“During the 1961 trip from Panama to New Zealand, I realized that our Navy ship was going to pass near Easter Island with its famous stone statues. I told the Captain that we could alter our course only a few degrees and go near the Island. He agreed. When we came toward the north side of the island, we could see (through binoculars) the island people getting on their horses and leaving the fields. They rode over the hill and out of sight. When we came around the north western tip of the island (actually Cape Nord), we saw a flotilla of boats waiting for us. The island, which belonged to Chile, was visited by ship only twice a year then. We had a Spanish speaker on board, who was able to talk to the folks in the boats. They wanted us to take their mail. But, we told them we were going to Antarctica, so that idea got canned. Many of the people wanted to trade carvings they brought along in the boats for clothes or cigarettes. I ran to my room and got a shirt and pair of pants, tied them onto a long string, and traded the two for a grotesque carved statue about 16 inches tall, which I still have. Here are three views of it. We had not gotten permission from Chile to land, so after a couple of hours, we returned to churning through the Pacific.”

An similar figure is depicted below:

Appraisal Value ($)

2,000-2,500 $.

Appraisal Report made by:

Andrés Gómez

BSc, MSc, Expert Art Appraiser

10+ year of Experience in Online Antique and Collectible Appraisals.
100k+ Customers Served.
Antique Store Owner.
You can check my portfolio of past appraisals here:


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How to sell it

Antiques, art, and other collectibles are difficult items to sell online. Selling can take a lot of time. Be patient, but also make sure that the price you are asking for is the right one for your pieces of art. Consider the following tips on how to sell antiques and collectibles online. These tips will help maximize the price of your antique or collectible.

I would recommend selling it online, there are many ways to do this, for instance: Post an ad on Craigslist. Use eBay to sell antiques online. Post a listing on the Etsy marketplace. Sell with direct messages using Instagram. Create a website using Squarespace or WordPress. Use Shopify to sell via a website, POS and social channels. List your items on, Facebook Marketplaces or Amazon Marketplace. The higher number of ads the better, if you don’t have time, I would recommend to start with Facebook, Etsy and Amazon.

The key to selling antiques on-line is to let potential customers know that you know what you are talking about. It’s much more difficult to sell something when the potential buyer can’t be sure it is authentic. Sellers should use a well thought out descriptive guides, like this report. A good lead generation service should be helpful in establishing these relationships with online buyers, and an effective way to do this is through a classified ads. If a buyer asks for more information, giving them some valuable facts well ahead of time will get you more sales because your reputation increases and real customers are the ones who ask for more details.

In order to sell your Antiques online, you will need to create a profile on the relevant forum (Etsy, Amazon and FB). Make sure you add a high-resolution image of the product (include at least 3 detailed photos) and add some text. The text should be informative and straight to the point, nothing fancy or fluffy.

Asking price is a big factor to sell your antique. If your asking price is too high (fancy company stickers, missing parts, or chip paint) you are unlikely to get many bids. If the asking price is too low it will cost you money for repairs, shipping, and insurance. As a general rule, I would recommend setting an asking price that is 80% of the value of this report, so you will make the listing attractive from the beginning.

About the valuation method

This is a detailed report of the value of your piece. To determine the value the appraiser has considered the results from past auction sales. Keep in mind that the final price can be different from asking prices that you can find on the internet. You can see ads on the internet with different asking prices. However, a very high asking price doesn’t normally find cash from a buyer

That’s why our method comprises searching and comparing similar past sale results that had a buyer. That’s why we can provide an accurate estimation of this item.

To get an accurate valuation of your antique piece I considered: description, condition, and possible precious metal content. History, age, provenance, and the importance it has played in history are also considered. A crucial interest is a collector’s willingness to buy this piece. While some antiques are really collectible, others are really difficult to sell, and hence their value decreases.

Antiques can be a good investment. A piece’s year of manufacture, condition, rarity, and history can all influence an antique’s value.Antiques, when bought wisely and carefully, can provide many good years and even decades of enjoyment before their value appreciates significantly. Antique furniture, paintings, prints and maps are not only useful works of art but also a tangible asset. Their value in the market increases every year making them great long-term investments for people who want to diversify their assets.

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