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Maximize the Worth of Your Jade — 5 Essential Storage and Care Tips

  • Sonia Saini 
  • 5 min read

Jade decorative items and jewelry need special care and looking after. Why? Because jade is a special precious stone with some unique properties. To understand how much is raw jade worth one has to know about its significance in ancient times. It has been used for centuries not only to create stunning jewelry, weapons, and decorative pieces but was also revered as a gemstone that brought luck, purity, and longevity.

Jade is also associated with many different cultures and religions from around the world. In Ancient Egypt, for instance, jade was considered to be a protective stone and was often used to create religious and funerary items.

Ancient Chinese statuette

In Buddhism, jade is seen as a symbol of power, beauty, and wisdom, and is used to represent the five virtues — compassion, justice, wisdom, courage, and moderation. Its symbolism and beauty are timeless, and its unique properties make it a gemstone that is sure to stand the test of time.

There’s no doubt that to appreciate jade one must look beyond its durability and see the value it has in the form of a gem and beautiful ornament. Though jade is a beautiful and durable stone, it is also quite delicate. That is why it requires special care and protection to keep it looking its best and hold its worth.

While appraisers at Appraisily can help you know how much your jade is worth, they can also guide you as to how to care for your precious jade collection. As a precious gem, it is important you give tender loving care to your jade collection so that it will last for generations to come.

Here are 5 essential tips on how to properly care for and protect your valuable jade collection:

1. No Exposure to Chemicals or Abrasives

Jade is a soft and delicate gemstone that can get scratched or damaged by harsh substances. No strong and harsh chemicals or abrasives should come in contact with your jade jewelry or carving. Make sure you keep cleaning products, perfumes, or other such products that contain chemicals away from your valuable jade collection. These substances can damage the surface of your precious jade and even alter the sheen and translucency of the gem. How much your raw jade is worth in the gemstone market will depend on how much damage or disfigurement it has endured.

2. Proper and Regular Cleaning

Microfiber cloth being used to clean jade bangle

Clean your jade regularly, so no dust or grime can collect on your precious gems. You can use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water and gently wipe the surface of the jade to remove any dirt or dust. Never use any chemicals or abrasives to clean your jade. For daily cleaning, plain soap and water is enough.

For the times when you need a deeper clean for your jewels, combine eight parts water, one part dish soap, and one part ammonia in a deep container. Now soak a soft cloth or sponge in the solution and gently scrub your jade item with it.

It helps to use a microfiber cloth to clean your jade. This will leave your stone looking polished and smooth minus any scratches. You can dab a few drops of light, odorless canola oil onto the microfiber cloth and scrub the jade for extra shine and smoothness.

3. Store Separately

A jewelry box with separate compartments to safely hold jade ornaments

Just as cleaning your jade pieces properly is essential, so is storing them in a safe place. Find a space away from direct sunlight or any other source of heat. It is also important to store your jade pieces in a protective box or pouch. This will prevent them from being scratched or damaged.

Also ensure you keep a separate jewelry box for your jade items so they do not rub against other jewelry made of harder stones. The metals and stones from other jewelry may scratch jade and damage or even contaminate it.

4. Regular Inspections

Another very essential care tip is to regularly inspect your jade pieces. Check your jade pieces for any signs of damage or wear or even collection of plain dirt. Any damage to your jade can cause a decline in its worth. If you find any damage, immediately take your jade pieces to a professional jeweler for repair.

5. Accurate Appraisals

And last but not the least it is a prudent practice to get your jade pieces appraised from time to time. This is important because regular appraisals ensure you are always aware of the current value of your jade pieces. This also helps when you have to insure your precious jade collection. For an accurate appraisal feel free to get in touch with professionals at Appraisily.

A jadeite piece being appraised

We understand how much you treasure your gem collection and how much your jade is worth. That is why we’ve put together these tips for you so you can ensure that your jade collection will stay looking beautiful and valuable for years to come.

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