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Maximize Old Croton Watch Value: 5 Essential Storage and Watch Care Tips

History of Old Croton Watches

Not caring for your antique watch can cause its real worth to fall.

In 1878 was born the Croton Watch Company in a town in Southern Italy. Croton Watches soon became known in the region for its quality product. The watches appealed to the affluent & sophisticated and used outstanding movements, making them very precise and reliable.

Even today the antique items market is greatly influenced by old Croton watch value. Expert appraisers from Appraisily can easily help you determine the value of your old Croton watch.

Movement by old Croton watches is from a golden era of watchmaking, in the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. Production of Old Croton watches continued until 1938 when the company closed its doors during the Great Depression. Since then, the watches have been coveted by collectors who thrive on the quality and craftsmanship that were hallmarks of the Croton watch company.

How to Care for Your Old Croton Watches

Antique Croton watches hold both historical and sentimental value. To preserve their beauty and functionality for generations to come, it’s crucial to handle and store them with care. Let’s look at 5 essential storage and care tips to ensure the longevity of your antique Croton timepieces.

Clean and Maintain Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital for the preservation of antique Croton watches. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the watch’s exterior, removing any dust, dirt, or fingerprints. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that may damage the delicate surfaces. Additionally, have your antique Croton watch serviced by a professional watchmaker periodically to ensure that the movement and internal components are in optimal condition. This will also ensure that your old Croton watch value does not decline.

Store in a Safe Environment

Proper storage is crucial to protect old Croton watches from potential damage. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, high humidity, direct sunlight, or fluctuations in atmospheric conditions. Ideally, store the watches in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Consider using a watch box or a dedicated watch case with individual compartments to prevent the watches from rubbing against each other and potentially causing scratches.

Handle with Care

When handling antique Croton watches, it’s important to exercise caution and gentleness. Avoid touching the watch’s delicate surfaces with bare fingers, as oils and sweat can damage the finish over time. Instead, handle the watch with clean, dry hands or use soft cotton gloves to protect it from fingerprints and oils. Be mindful of any loose or fragile components, such as crown, hands, or crystals, and avoid unnecessary shaking or dropping that may cause damage to the watch.

Wind and Run the Watch Periodically

To maintain the old Croton watch value and for its proper functioning, it’s important to wind and run them periodically. If the watch is manual-winding, gently wind it at least once every few weeks, following the manufacturer’s instructions. For automatic watches, consider using a watch winder to keep them running when not in use. Regular winding and running prevent the internal mechanisms from drying out and ensure that the lubricants are distributed evenly, thus reducing the risk of damage and ensuring accuracy.

Seek Professional Help for Repairs and Restoration
An expert appraiser can accurately determine the value of your old Croton watch.

If your old Croton watch requires repairs or restoration, it’s essential to entrust the task to experienced professionals. Avoid attempting DIY repairs, as improper handling can cause irreversible damage. Find a reputable watchmaker or restoration specialist who has expertise in working with antique timepieces. They can assess the watch’s condition, recommend necessary repairs or restoration work, and ensure that it is done with precision and care, maintaining the watch’s original integrity.

By following these five essential tips you can enjoy your old Croton timepieces for years to come. Remember, these watches are not only valuable artifacts but also cherished heirlooms that deserve our utmost attention and care. Proper storage and care are crucial for the longevity and preservation of old Croton watches.

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