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Know Your Charles Bibbs Art Value With A Professional Appraisal

A Little About Charles Bibbs — The Artist

Charles Bibbs, an African-American artist is known for his distinctive style of artwork. His paintings reflect the African Diaspora. Born in 1948 in San Pedro, California, Bibbs started his art career as an artist and illustrator for the aerospace industry. In 1991, Bibbs decided to leave his management position of 25 years, to form his publishing and distribution company, B Graphics and Fine Arts, Inc. His business has grown to be one of the leaders in the African American art print market.

Bibbs’ work is featured in several galleries and museums, as well as displayed by art enthusiasts at their homes. Today Charles is one of the top artists in the country. Most of his artwork focuses on themes of African culture, history, and spirituality. This is what increases Charles Bibbs art value with collectors and art enthusiasts from across the world.

Key Elements of A Professional Art Appraisal

To determine the real value of Charles Bibbs’ art and his prints it is essential to carry out an accurate and professional appraisal. There are several factors that need to be taken into account when appraising any artwork or art print. Here is a breakdown of the key elements involved in a proper art appraisal process:


When appraising the artwork of an artist, it is important to consider their reputation, the significance of their art form, and the popularity they enjoy. These factors play a significant role in assessing the value of an art print or art. The work and prints of artists who have a strong market demand or an established career are typically valued higher.

Edition and Rarity

The prints of renowned artists are classified as limited edition or open edition. Limited edition prints have a predetermined number of prints produced. The scarcity of the number of prints in limited editions is what makes them more valuable and high-priced. The lower the edition number, the more valuable the prints usually are. Also, if an edition is sold out, it usually increases the worth of the prints and the desire to own them.


Another important element to take into account during a professional appraisal of Charles Bibbs art value is the condition of the prints. Those that are in pristine condition are most times valued higher. Those with any damage, discoloration, or signs of wear, generally lose their value. The presence of any flaws can decrease the appraisal value.


The provenance of a print refers to its ownership history and documentation. Appraisers check to see if the print has been owned by notable collectors or has been exhibited in prestigious galleries. Also, relevant publication records of prints may enhance their value.

The current demand and market trends for a particular artist or style can also influence the worth of an art print. High demand for the artist’s work can contribute to increasing the value of their prints.


To determine the real worth of an art print it is essential to establish its authenticity. This involves verifying the origin of the print, checking for the originality of the artist’s signature, and examining the quality of the print. Appraisers also check the accompanying certificates of authenticity with the prints. The prints that come with proven authenticity are generally valued higher.

It’s important to note that art appraisals are subjective and take into account various factors. Working with a qualified art appraiser or specialist with expertise in the specific artist or style can provide a more accurate appraisal. Experts from Appraisily can easily help and guide you.

How to Accurately Determine Charles Bibbs Art Value

Factors that help determine Charles Bibbs art value can be subjective and may vary depending on various factors. Listed below are a few steps you can take to help accurately determine the value:


Familiarize yourself with Charles Bibbs’ body of work, including the different series or themes he has explored. For instance, check out his Remarque Editions as well as the Limited Editions. Study the prices of his prints sold in reputable art galleries, auction houses, and online platforms.

Comparative Analysis

Compare the print you are evaluating with similar works done by Charles Bibbs within the same genre or style. You can also compare the works of other artists with that of Bibbs. Look for similar sizes, editions, and themes, and compare their prices and demand in the art market.

Limited Edition or Open Edition

Determine if the Charles Bibbs print you are evaluating is part of a limited edition or an open edition. The prints of a limited edition are often more valuable. This is due to their limited availability and higher desirability by art collectors.

Auction Records

Research past auction records to check if any prints by Charles Bibbs were sold recently. Also, check the prices at which they were sold. This can provide insights into the current market demand and potential value of his prints.

Seek Opinions of Experts

For a professional evaluation consult with art appraisers or art dealers who specialize in African-American art or have knowledge of Charles Bibbs’ work. They can help provide you with insights into the current market value and authenticity of his prints.

Since market conditions can change, it’s important to conduct thorough research and seek professional opinions regularly. This will help you to get an accurate and up-to-date valuation of Charles Bibbs prints.

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