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How Much is Jadeite Worth?

  • Andres G 
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How much is jadeite worth? Your love for precious stones is gradually turning you into a passionate collector. Of the many gemstones available you have a particular kind of love for jade as well as items and jewelry made using the precious gemstone. But confusion arises in your mind when the words jade and jadeite are used interchangeably to address jade jewelry and objects made with the gemstone.

how much is jadeite worth

How Much is Jadeite Worth?

A chart showing the cost of varius grades of jadeite compared to other gemstones

Well, you’re not the only one. In this article we will try and understand whether jade and jadeite are two
different gemstones and what is the true worth of jadeite.

Jade or Jadeite?

Jade is a term used to describe two different gemstones, jadeite and nephrite, that are both valued for
their green color. Jadeite is more expensive than nephrite because it is rarer and has a finer
translucency. It can be found in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, orange, and lavender.
Due to its rarity and beauty jadeite can be very expensive when found in larger pieces with good color
saturation. On the other hand nephrite is often used to make jewelry, where it shines brightly and can
be polished to a high luster.

Jadeite jade and nephrite jade are two of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry making. Both
materials are known for their beauty and durability, but jadeite is the rarest and most valuable variety.
Its signature shade of green is much finer than that of nephrite jade, with a much finer translucency and
range of color that fits the criteria for fine gemstones. Upon closer inspection, one can see that there
are key differences between the two types of jade.

The Significance and Worth of Jadeite

Jadeite is a rare emerald green variety of jade, which is highly sought after by gemstone collectors. This
type of jade can have a vivid green color and when it reaches its most valuable color, imperial jadeite, its
price can rise up to an incredible amount.

How Much is Jadeite Worth?

A picture of a jadeite bangle

how much is jadeite worth

On the other hand, nephrite jade has a more subtle green color and may even be found in pale shades
of lilac or grayish-white. Though less valuable than imperial jadeite, nephrite is still highly sought-after
because of its incredible depth and luster.

Believed to be the highest quality jade, black jadeite is mined in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). It
is then fashioned into various shapes and sizes and given the name Imperial Jade. The open markets of
Myanmar have allowed this material to spread all over the world, with cutting workshops in Mandalay
being well known for their fine craftsmanship of the material. Jadeite from Guatemala is also highly
valued. It is a rare variety that has only been found in small quantities, yet it still holds its value due to its
unique qualities. The greenish-white stones are often glassy, making it an attractive addition to any
collection or piece of jewelry.

Imperial Jadeite, however, remains one of the most sought after jades due to its exceptional quality and
Myanmar source. The value of Jadeite can vary greatly depending on its origin, size, and color. For
example, Imperial Jade from Myanmar can range from very expensive if it’s a large piece with good color
saturation or much cheaper if it’s a smaller piece with less vibrant colors.

Jade and the Chinese Jade Jewelry Heritage

Jadeite has a significant meaning in Chinese culture and is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, peace, and
harmony. Nephrite is the traditional material used in most Chinese jade jewelry, and it represents much
of the Chinese jade jewelry heritage. Jadeite, however, is a much more valuable variety of jade. It is
mined from Myanmar and displays an emerald green color that captures the eye.
In addition to its beauty, imperial jadeite also includes a rich cultural heritage due to its association with
traditional artisans who crafted most of the highly prized pieces. This type of jade was especially prized
by imperial Chinese craftsmen who produced exquisite jade objects and pieces. The gemstone was
judged by its color, texture, and purity.

how much is jadeite worth

How Much is Jadeite Worth?

A close-up image of a jadeite bangle with a hand holding it

Today, most Chinese enthusiasts prefer nephrite over imperial jadeite due to its lower cost and more
subtle green color. However, for those who can afford fine quality jadeite, the high quality jadeite will
always be more sought after.

Since its original discovery in Burma the jadeite has been revered for its green color. Chinese craftsmen
have encountered Burmese jade since ancient times and prized it for its bright translucence and sleek

How Much is Jadeite Worth?

A picture of a jadeite necklace

how much is jadeite worth

However, it was not until the last few decades that fine quality jadeite began to fetch handsome prices.
This was due to the rediscovered Chinese love of gemstones and China’s economic rise. The Chinese
culture has always held spiritual significance and values nephrite jade for its commercial worth. As a
result of this it has been able to fetch white stone prices in both Europe and America.

Demand for Jade Jewelry

Jade stones have been used in jewelry making since ancient times with jade pendants, necklaces,
bangles, and bracelets being particularly popular. The most popular use for jade is necklaces as they are
easier to wear than pendants or bracelets. Jade earrings are also popular as they are smaller and more
affordable than larger pieces such as rings or pendants.

Jade is a hard and durable mineral that is made up of a combination of sodium, aluminum, and silicate.
Pure jadeite jade is known for its beautiful greens, creamy white colors, and lack of impurities. Its rarity
is what makes it highly sought after by collectors.

Nephrite on the other hand is also known as ‘true jade’ which is not as rare or valuable as jadeite. It is
the more readily available type of jade gemstone and it is the stone that most people imagine when
they think of jade.

How Much is Jadeite Worth?

A picture of a jadeite carving

Nephrite jade is a very durable and colorful material that many cultures associate with wealth, luck, and
protection. It is often given a high polish which makes it very attractive to many people. Most people
associate the rich green color with jade however it also comes in white, lavender, and a wide variety of
other colors.

Over the years there have been many materials used as ‘jade’ such as serpentine and chloromelanite but
these are not true jades so caution should be taken when purchasing jade or items made with jade.

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