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How Much Is Jade Worth in 2023: Ways to Determine Its Real Value

  • Sonia Saini 
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An old Chinese saying goes thus: “If gold has value, jade is invaluable.” This ancient proverb does not leave much to imagination about how much is jade worth in 2023.

Are you one of those collectors who is passionate about buying jade items from time to time but wary of fakes being sold and don’t want to get conned? Appraisers at Apprasily can help you. They are experts at appraising and valuing gemstones of their exact worth.

A wristwatch with a jade face – Illustrating the use of jade in expensive luxury items

Jade refers to a variety of stones, including nephrite, also often referred to as “mutton fat jade.” It gets this name because of its emerald green color. This precious stone is one of the most sought-after by Chinese enthusiasts today, although it lacks the rich history that other types of jades have.

Jade is one of the most prized items, especially in the antique gemstone market. It can range from light green to dark green to even yellow, white, lavender, black, and brown. Jade is available in many shapes and forms in the gemstone market.

You can buy anything from jade jewelry and ornaments to jade dishware. Other jade items that are widely in demand include decorative pieces such as statues or figurines. These could either be made entirely of jade or have the precious stone etched on them. The market value of jade depends on its color, transparency, and texture. These three important qualities of the gemstone determine at what value it will sell in the market. The market value of jade is also determined by the quality of the gemstone. Let’s understand all these qualities in detail.

How Much Is Jade Worth: Color

The color of the jade stone is one of the most significant factors to consider when judging how much jade is worth. But also what is important to know is that jade comes in several colors. Yes, it’s true that certain colors of jade are valued more than others but most collectors prefer to own the gemstone in several different colors. Which is what makes the color of jade so significant. Jade is available in different shades of green, lavender, white, gray, black, yellow, brown, orange, and even red.

An image of a traditional Chinese jade necklace

Due to certain colors of jade being in higher demand than others, a lot of stones are treated or bleached to get the desired shade. Colored polymers are instilled in the stones to make them look attractive. But these altered jade stones lose their value in the gemstone market. After the emerald green colored jade, lavender is the most sought-after color by gem enthusiasts.

How Much Is Jade Worth: Transparency

After color, the next factor that determines the worth of jade is how transparent the stone is. The higher the transparency, the more the value of the jade. Why? Because transparency of jade ranges from being entirely opaque to being semitransparent. It is the semitransparent jade rocks that are cherry picked by jewelry connoisseurs and which also demand a high price. A semitransparent jade possesses an alluring brilliance that is difficult to miss. And how do these collectors judge the transparency of jade? By placing some written text under the jade. If the text is readable, the jade is considered of excellent quality.

How Much Is Jade Worth: Texture

Just like jade varies in color and opaqueness, there are jade stones that have different textures. How smooth a jade is depends on its crystal size and degree of hardness.

Jades that have a smooth and fine texture are also more translucent and obviously demand a higher price in the gemstone market. Uneven surfaced jades or those with rugged textures are usually not used to make jewelry or fine pieces of decoration.

A jade jewelry piece

Jade stones that have a finer grain with little or hardly no marbling are the ones that find a place in private collections. Fine textured jades are a favorite with craftspeople who excel at making precious jewelry. Translucent and smooth textured jades are used to make expensive pieces of jewelry, especially bangles.

Worth of Real Jade

What is important to remember is that jade is often treated before it reaches the market. Bear this in mind when you’re considering buying any jade item. This is especially true when exploring the antique market for precious jewelry or a figurine, etc. Magnificent jadeite, with its deep green color and fine texture, is a favorite among buyers of the antique market. If a jadeite piece is considered imperial jade, it is valued even more highly.

A white jade bangle with carvings and metal

And that is why, be it jade jewelry or jade sculpture, it makes business sense to have a professional appraiser check and evaluate the piece. Experienced appraisers know how much jade is worth in the market. They can expertly judge the errors in a gemstone and tell whether it is a cheap fake. To be sure you’re buying only the best and getting value for your money, trust appraisers at Apprasily to guide you. For a quick look as some of the earlier appraisals click here:

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