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How Much is Green Jade Worth–Exploring the Value of the Green Gemstone

While you might assume that jade represents just one type of semiprecious gemstone, it is important to note that the stone references two different types of silicate minerals — jadeite and nephrite. For jadeite, bright green is the most precious color.

The distinctive green you are used to seeing is actually the color of the Imperial Jade, or Jadeite. However, for nephrite jade, which seldom attains bright color, the white is worth more than the green.

Many people consider jade as a greenstone but there are many colors of jade, each with varying values and prices. Strong colored jades are highly in demand nowadays, with green being the most sought after jade color.

The most precious form of jade, known as imperial jade from Burma (Myanmar), is a color called green-emerald. But, how much is green jade worth and what makes it is so popular with collectors? Let’s find out.

Green Jade — A Prized Stone for Thousands of Years

Jade is believed to have been first used by Neolithic cultures in China around 4,000 BC. The green variety of jade, known as jadeite, was especially valued for its beauty and versatility. It was mined in Myanmar and brought to China as early as the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).

Ancient intricately carved dragon in green jade

It has been used to make tools, weapons, and elaborate carvings for centuries. The gem is also a symbolic stone in many cultures, representing purity, eternity, and wisdom.

Jadeite was originally called “yü” in Chinese, and was praised for its beauty and durability. It was used to create ritual objects, such as ritual axes and weapons, which were believed to possess supernatural powers. Jadeite was also believed to have medicinal properties. It was used to treat a variety of ailments, from headaches to heartache.

The Qing court was especially fond of jadeite and used it to create ornate jewelry, as well as elaborate sculptures of animals and deities. The court also used jadeite as a form of currency, as it was considered more valuable than gold or silver.

How Much Is Green Jade Worth

When it comes to green jade gemstones, it is important to understand the value that these stones can offer. From a spiritual perspective, green jade is believed to bring balance and harmony to one’s life. It is also thought to be a symbol of peace, prosperity, and good luck.

From a practical perspective, green jade is a beautiful gemstone that is valued for its unique color and texture. The gemstone is found in a variety of shades of green, ranging from light olive to deep forest. Green jade is also prized for its durability and its ability to take a high polish.

The most valuable kind of jade is Imperial Jadeite Jade, with uniformly distributed, semi-transparent, bright green coloration. Jade values increase depending on a number of factors such as its provenance, consistency, origin, etc., and as such, you can be expected to pay up to $3 million per carat.

How much green jade is worth depends on its color, cut, clarity, size, consistency, etc.

While the color of a specific jade is the biggest determinant, clarity and consistency determine prices, too as do the quality and size of the gemstone. The price can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on these many factors.

Factors affecting price

Generally, green jade gemstone that is of a higher quality, with fewer flaws and a vibrant color, will cost more. Larger pieces of green jade gemstone will also cost more, as they are harder to find and have more value.

The price of green jade gemstone can also be affected by the type of cut and where it is sourced from. For example, jade mined in Myanmar is usually more expensive than jade mined in other countries. Similarly, high-quality jade cut by a master craftsman will be more expensive than jade cut by a novice.

Finally, the price of jade can also be affected by current trends. For example, green jade gemstone has become increasingly popular in recent years. And that is why its prices have gone up due to the increased demand.

Since the cost of green jade gemstone can vary greatly it’s important to do your research and compare prices before making a purchase. Be sure to look for gems that are certified and sourced from a reputable and reliable medium.

Also make sure you are aware of any additional costs such as taxes or shipping charges levied. With a little bit of research and guidance, you can find the perfect piece of green jade gemstone at a price that is right for you. Experts at Appraisily can help you in your search for that perfect one.

“Gold Has Value, But Jade Is Precious”

Ancient Chinese jewelry in green jade

Jadeite is still mined in Myanmar and is used to create some of the most beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry, carvings, and sculptures. It is also used to create religious and ceremonial objects, as it is believed to possess spiritual powers. Green jadeite is particularly prized, as it is thought to bring luck and prosperity to those who wear it.

An old, but highly treasured Chinese proverb translating to “Gold has value, but Jade is precious,” means there are various varieties of jade so valuable they could be considered priceless. Jade is one of the most mysterious, enchanting, beautiful minerals on Earth, holding the cachet of gold and diamonds, and has a long history of decorative, ceremonial, and ritual uses. And because of this human curiosity has forever been trying to find exact answers to how much green jade is worth in the gemstone market.

Getting an Accurate Appraisal for Green Jade

Green jade is a precious gemstone that has been used in jewelry, art, and sculptures for centuries. Owning a piece of real green jade is equal to possessing a treasure. Which also means getting the gemstone accurately appraised to know its real value.

When it comes to appraising green jade, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. First is the quality of the stone — the color, clarity, and overall condition.

appraiser evaluating how much is green jade worth
Appraiser assessing how much green jade is worth

The next factor is the size of the green jade stone. Larger jade stones tend to be more valuable than smaller stones, as they are rare and highly in demand. The cut of the stone too has a major impact as it affects the value of the gem.

The origin of the green jade is also important, as certain countries are known to produce higher quality green jade than others. Finally, the age of the jade needs to be considered. Older green jade stones tend to be more valuable, as they have had more time to age and develop unique characteristics.

As green jade is a rare and valuable gemstone, it is important to have an experienced appraiser evaluate the stone in order to ensure that its true worth is determined. Appraisers at Apprasily know how much green jade is worth and how sought after it is. Seek their expert opinion before you decide to invest in a green jade or want to sell yours for a good price.

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