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How Much is Black Jade Really Worth? Discover Its Protective and Healing Powers

To know how much is the worth of black jade gemstone for its healing and protective properties, it is best to take the help of history. But before that let’s understand what kind of a gemstone black jade is.

Black jade is a type of jade with a deep greenish-black hue. It is also known as “black nephrite” and “mystic jade” and is highly sought after for its beauty and rarity. The black jade gemstone has been used in jewelry and other decorative items for centuries. Its distinctive color has made it a popular choice for many people.

Black jade hair accessory worn in ancient times

The precious stone was first discovered in Central Asia in the late 1700s and soon made its way to Europe and the United States. In the late 1800s, it became popular in Chinese and Japanese culture, and its use in jewelry and other decorative items quickly spread.

The healing properties of black jade have been utilized in various cultures around the world for centuries to symbolize wealth, power, protection, and even immortality. If you own a black jade and want to know whether it can be used for healing and protection, contact professional appraisers at Appraisily to find out its real worth.

Significance of Black Jade in History

Black jade’s rich history dates back to the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, where it was used for both its beauty and spiritual significance. The Mesoamericans believed black jade represented the power of the underworld and so used the gemstone as a symbol of strength and protection. The stone was also believed to help guide the soul to the afterlife.

In Chinese medicine, since ancient times the gemstone has been used to treat various physical and mental ailments — headaches, migraines, stress, and depression. The Chinese revere black jade as they believe it brings good luck. In earlier times it was also often used in religious ceremonies and in the decoration of tombs.

Ancient black jade necklace

The Japanese too know how much black jade is worth and treasure it for its real value. They believe black jade to be beneficial for detoxifying the body and promoting general good health. In India, the precious black jade is believed to be a powerful stone that can be used to increase one’s spiritual energy. Many countries also highly valued black jade as a currency and used it to purchase goods and services for their people.

Throughout history, black jade has been a symbol of strength, wealth, power, and protection. Its rich history has made it one of the most sought after and valuable stones in the world. It is a timeless symbol of beauty and is still treasured today.

Healing and Protective Powers of Black Jade

The calming and soothing properties of black jade can help create balance and harmony within, while its protective energies can help to shield its wearer from negative influences. 

Black jade is also known to be a stone of good luck and abundance. Its wearers believe it brings wealth and prosperity in their lives. The precious stones is also known to promote creativity and help people stay focused and motivated in their areas of work. The gemstone is believed to be especially helpful for those feeling overwhelmed or exhausted most times of the day. It helps provide a sense of emotional stability and security.

Healing crystals of black jade

The black jade stone has been used for centuries by healers, shamans, and practitioners of holistic medicine. It is believed to help protect and heal the body from physical illness, emotional trauma, and mental stress. It is also thought to help reduce fear and anxiety, as well as balance the energies in the body.

Physically, black jade can be used to ease pain and discomfort, as well as reduce inflammation. It is believed to help boost the immune system and also help improve circulation.

The stone is also believed to help reduce high blood pressure, relieve tension headaches, and promote healthy skin. It is believed to help the wearer to stay strong in difficult times and to stay true to their goals.

Along with physical healing, black jade is also thought to be helpful for emotional healing. It helps remove negative emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness and aids the wearer to stay calm and balanced, even in the face of stress. Black jade is also thought to help the wearer find inner peace and stay connected to their spiritual center.

Why it helps to Wear Black Jade Next to Your Skin

Black jade is believed to be a powerful protector and absorber of negative energy. That is why it becomes an ideal gemstone for those looking for protection and healing. When worn on one’s person in the form of jewelry, such as a pendant, black jade helps increase personal power and authority. It is known to be useful in attracting love and prosperity in one’s life.

Black jade is also believed to help reduce fatigue and exhaustion, thus improving energy levels and allowing you to tackle tasks more easily. It also helps improve sleep quality, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Black jade is also believed to be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain, as it helps to reduce inflammation and increase healing.

Ancient black jade pendant

When wearing black jade, it is important to make sure that it is close to your skin at all times. This ensures that you are able to reap the full benefits of the gemstone.

It is also important to make sure that the gem is cleansed regularly, so that the precious stone retains its power and strength. Bring these benefits into your life by wearing black jade on you at all times.

Black jade — A Powerful Gemstone

Overall, black jade is said to be a powerful healing and protective stone. Today, black jade is widely used for its healing properties and for the protection it gives its wearers. That is why it makes an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and beneficial gemstone.

Whether one is looking for physical relief, emotional balance, or spiritual guidance, black jade is a powerful stone that can help you on your healing journey. An expensive gemstone, black jade is also popular for its beauty and rarity making it an excellent choice for those looking for an elegant and unique piece of jewelry to own. If you want to know how much your black jade is worth, appraisers at Appraisily can help you.

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