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Vintage Appraisal

Etienne-Henri Dumaige (French 1830-1888) “Egyptian Prinncess”

  • Andres G 

My grandfather has given me a very unique statue that he got from a very old friend of his who was an avid art collector and traveled all over the world to collect art. The statue he has given me was created by the artist, Etienne-Henri Dumaige. The statue is supposedly called, “Etienne Dumaige Bronze Statue of an Egyptian Princess”. The statue seems to be in very good condition, other than a crack/chip on the bottom right corner of the statue as shown in the pictures. I’ve seen many different price listings on the internet, ranging anywhere from $15,000 – $29,000, but I just want to know what my statue’s estimated value is. I’ve also noticed that my statue seems to be a bit different from the other statues I’ve seen online because the foundation/slab that the bronze statue is standing on seems to be made of a different material than all the other statues I’ve seen. This makes me wonder if this version of the statue is a more rare or unique version compared to the other ones. I wonder this because my grandfather’s friend traveled all over the world to collect these pieces, so maybe this one is very unique! Please let me know. Thank you very much!
-Brandon Dryden
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Fine Quality Solid Wood Antique Victorian circa late 19th Century Dresser with Mirror

I couldn’t upload all the photos, so I sent them to your e-mail address. The compressed folder is titled. “”

This is a dresser with attached mirror. It’s from a family estate that stretches back over 100 years in the Hanover County area of Virginia. There was a newspaper between the mirror and the backplate of wood, but I didn’t want to tear it apart to see the date on the newspaper.