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An American Mahogany Six-leaved Double Pedestal Base Dining Table

  • Andres G 

This is a large dining room table that was owned by a historic family in the Hanover County, Va. area. It measures 9.3 feet long by 4.4 feet wide. The table has six leaves and I believe there are others in the house. You’ll see the wingnut screws on the bottom of the table. I took a few photos of the underside.

A Victorian American Made Solid Wood Oak China Cabinet From circa early 20th Century

  • Andres G 

I guess this is a combo sideboard and china cabinet. I believe it is a family piece from the turn of the century. There is a mirror in the center cubicle behind the antique clock. It has belonged to one of the historic families in the Hanover County area of Virginia. Although I didn’t pull it away from the wall, I didn’t notice a maker’s mark.