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Andres G

BSc, MSc, Expert Appraiser of all kinds of Antique items. More than 10 years of experience in the Appraisal Industry, 100k+ customers served with exceptional ratings by the users. Antique store owner and businessman.

Byzantine style icon of Saint John the Theologian by Darcy Garneau

Byzantine style icon of Saint John the Theologian completed in 2021 by iconographer Darcy Garneau. The icon is 16″ x 20″ on an Ampersand Claybord with egg tempera paint and 23 ct gold leaf accents. The icon was donated to St. John the Divine Church in Victoria, BC Canada in June of 2021. It hangs on the High Alter above the sermon podium.
Other icons of Darcy Garneau can be seen at

Note: This was donated in June 2021 and I was remiss in getting a donation appraisal. I would like a written appraisal including an IRS charity donation form. If possible, please back dated to June of 2021. Please include a physical address and telephone number on the appraisal so it conforms to IRS requirements. Thank you.