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Assessment to Valuation: Expert Tips for Accurately Appraising an Antique Pitcher and Bowl Set

Imagine waking up and having to use a pitcher and bowl on a stand to wash your face and hands! That was exactly the case in olden times. Before the advent of modern plumbing pitcher and bowl sets were a common feature in households. Antique pitcher and bowl sets’ value is influenced by factors such as age, condition, rarity, market trends, craftsmanship, and material.

History of Pitcher and Bowl Sets

Matching pitcher and bowl sets began to be used from the 18th century onwards

These sets were used for personal hygiene even back in ancient times. But matching sets began to be used only during the 18th century in Europe. They then gradually spread across the world.

These cleaning utensils were usually placed in bedrooms or washrooms or any place from where one could conveniently access water for cleansing purposes. Antique sets of pitchers and bowls were crafted using materials such as porcelain, ceramic, pottery, glass, copper, or brass.

Porcelain sets looked elegant and expensive but were also delicate. This is what raised antique pitcher and bowl sets value. Most sets were decorated with intricate patterns, floral motifs, and some even had hand-painted designs.

Today these sets are highly sought after by antique item collectors and enthusiasts for their historical significance and decorative appeal. If you too own a set or want to buy one to add to your vintage items collection, you would need the help of an appraiser. Do not hesitate to get in touch with experts from Appraisily if you need a professional appraisal.

Understanding the Appraisal Process: A Step-By-Step Guide to Evaluating Antique Pitcher and Bowl Sets Value

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to appraise your antique pitcher and bowl set. They will help you navigate through this intricate process. If you follow these steps you will be able to easily evaluate these unique and valuable collectibles. Check out these expert tips.

Step 1: Research and Documentation 

antique pitcher and bowl sets value
Antique porcelain pitcher and bowl set

You can begin by conducting extensive research on the specific type of pitcher and bowl set you are appraising. Gather information about the origin of the set and who the manufacturer was. Check if the antique pitcher and bowl set has any historical significance.

If there are any notable features or variations in the set they will influence its worth and fetch a good price in the market. Document all your findings. These will serve as a valuable reference during the appraisal.

Step 2: Examination

Carefully examine the pitcher and bowl set for any damages, repairs, or alterations. These factors can greatly affect the value of the set. Thoroughly assess the overall condition of the set, including looking for cracks, chips, discoloration, or missing pieces.

Keep noting down any distinguishing marks or signatures that you come across during your examination. You never know what information could be useful and point towards the rarity or authenticity of the antique pitcher and bowl set.

Step 3: Comparative Analysis

A comparative analysis of the vintage pitcher and bowl set during the appraisal process will help you determine its real worth in the antique market. Compare your set with similar items present in the market.

You can carry out the analysis based on terms of style, design elements, materials used, and historical significance. Look for items that were sold earlier at auction houses or reputable antique dealers. This knowledge will help you establish a baseline value for your appraisal.

Antique pitcher and bowl set with geometrical design

Step 4: Consultation with Experts/Appraisers

Even if you are able to evaluate the antique set and determine its value, it always helps to seek advice from experts or appraisers.

You can also consult antique ceramics or specialists for specific information. These professionals are skilled and have extensive knowledge of antique items.

With their expertise, they can help you determine the real worth of your collectible and also provide invaluable insights. Such as identifying unique characteristics or potential restoration work done on your vintage item. Usually, this is not apparent to an untrained eye.

Being unaware of such information can negatively impact your antique pitcher and bowl sets’ value. Professional appraisers from Appraisily can help carry out an accurate appraisal for you.

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