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Discover the value of your artwork

We provide an affirmative professional earnest expert online art appraisal service of art pieces through photos and descriptions.

  • Meet Our Appraisers
Andres Gomez – 4.9/5
Bojan CJ – 4.8/5
Charlotte Smith – 4.9/5

5/5 of 36,000+ Reviews


Not SURE if it is worth anything? send pics to [email protected] AND WE WILL PRE-SCREEN IT FOR FREE

Meet Our Appraisers:

Andres Gomez – 4.9/5
Bojan CJ – 4.8/5
Charlotte Smith – 4.9/5

5/5 of 36,000+ Reviews

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Online Art Appraisal & Valuations. Email us at: [email protected] 

Why do I need an online art appraisal?
Get higher Prices
Online art appraisals are a must-have for art/antique insurance purposes and to establish an accurate worth on the art market.
Sell Faster
There is no doubt. A fine art appraisal report can help your artwork to sell faster.

Key Art Type Identification

Assuming that you know the exact title and author, you still need to identify the art type. This is the same Marc Chagall artwork “Dance and the Circus” but in four different art type formats:

Normal Lithography


Limited Edition


Reproduction Painting


Original Painting


An example of real case
online art appraisal

Mark’s heirlooms included a nicely made original painting. We could help him and identify the artist “Tinus de Jongh (Dutch, 1885–1942)” and provide the appraisal value of 1,500-2,000$. It was sold for 1,800$. Here are Mark’s words:

Thanks a lot to this service, I didn’t know it had so much value, the 20$ online art appraisal report is worth every dollar.

Mark didn’t know this piece of art was so much valuable, he was going to dispose it. Thanks to our service, we could help him to preserve his capital.

Know what you own

Art type identification

Our experts will review the image you submit and identify your painting as a print, an original or limited edition print or an original painting.

affirmative auction

Artist Research

Know the artist’s name. If we can’t find the artist, we will suggest possible provenance.

Monetary Value

Our professional online art appraisal service uses a structured process to value your artwork. We are able to use past auction sales, author information and art type to value your artwork.

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We include detailed descriptions explaining how to sell your art piece.

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We will refund the fee if the art is worthless!

> What our customers are saying

I used the service to appraise one artwork from my grandmother. It turned out it was worth 1,000$+ and we were going to through it away! Thanks I found this service.
Adam Sendler
They appraised the artwork superfast and accurately. I sold the painting in one week, great service.
Mila Kunis
I was amazed how did they find the artist’s name? I turned out it was a limited edition print, I though it was worthless print/poster.
Mike Stuart

Appraise your art online, find out the value of any piece of original art you own.

We Have Experts online now


We provide the appraisal reports on the same day. However, our average time is 10 hours. Keep in mind that a professional appraiser will carefully study your case and needs some time to identify and write the report.

If your art is worthless, then we will tell you at no cost. It happends a lot with lithographies, that are confused with original paintings.

No, we don’t store any payment information.

We have a flat-fee service of 19,90$ for each report. It is the most affordable fee on the internet, and very convinient if compared with an inperson appraisal (>140$).

You can communicate with us through email 24/7 at [email protected]

We have two options, credit cards or PayPal. The credit card payment provider is Stripe, while you can also pay with your Credit Card through your PayPal account.

Yes, it is. Keep in mind that it takes time to be an expert appraiser, at least you would need to search on google for 5 hours to find a reliable answer.You would have to identify the art type, author and then research past auction sales. So, the fee equals to 4$/hour of your time. It is totally worth it.

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Get advantage of our affordable fees

In-person appraisal


  • Waiting for days
  • Take the art to dealer
  • 1k+ Customers
  • Secured Shareable Link
  • Printable PDF Appraisal


  • Less than 24 hours
  • Appraise From Home
  • 100k+ Customers
  • Secured Shareable link
  • Printable PDF Appraisal

If you are unsure if your antique is worth anything, you can send us a pic here:

[email protected]

and we will pre-screen it for free! We are also available on Twitter: @appraisily