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Art Appraisals Accepted by Insurance Companies

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With a picture and a description, our art appraisers can give you a certified appraisal that you can use to insure your art.

  • Insurance Appraisers
Andres Gomez – 4.9/5
Bojan CJ – 4.8/5
Charlotte Smith – 4.9/5


Any doubt? Email us at [email protected]

Our Sotheby’s and Christie’s Appraisers:

Andres Gomez – 4.9/5
Bojan CJ – 4.8/5
Charlotte Smith – 4.9/5
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Our Online Art Appraisal Service: Shoot us an email: [email protected]

A Vast Experience: 10,000+ Appraisals Delivered In

Case Study #1: Max Ferguson (born 1959) Original Artwork

We were asked to appraise for insurance purposes, the following original artwork by Max Ferguson (born 1959). You can access the report here and the PDF version here.

Case Study #2: Custom modifications of Apppraisals

In this case, the insurance company asked for special requirements for the report. We modify the report to meet the requirements. A Pair of Fine Quality Female Torso Murano glass Filigrana Style made in Italy.

Case Study #3: Insurance of a Limited Edition Prints

Jerome used our service to obtain an appraisal report for his insurance company, he has a beautiful Victor Vasarely Limited Edition Print. In his own words, the process could not be smoother or simpler.

Case Study #4: Doubts from customers

In this case we have answered several doubts before completing the appraisal request for insurance of an original textile Artwork Grassland Improvisation, by listed artist Marilyn Grisham. We have a very fast turn around time, so you can trust we will answer you efficiently.

Do you want to see a real report?

You can download an example report here.

Why do you need an art Appraisal?

Don’t waste another minute struggling with art appraisals on your own.

Our art appraisers can tell you what kind of art it is, who made it, how old it is, and where it came from.

Rest assured that you’re getting an accurate appraisal

Get the most money for your painting. We appraise each painting individually. You can know the exact value of the artwork in question.

Preserve your family’s heritage.

We will email you our results both in PDF (printable) and an online version. All the documents are signed by the appraiser and valid for insurance, tax deductions or inheritances.

Stop Wasting Time: Get Your Art Appraisal in a Breeze

1. Take a picture of the art, front, signature, and back.

2. Fill a 1 min form.

3. Get your appraisal in your email.

We Offer the Easiest Way to Appraise Art.

With Appraisily, the whole process takes place online, so you don’t have to transport your artwork to a specific location. Our appraisals are in line with the USAP and can be used by insurance companies, heirs, courts, or as loan collateral.

We have a fast turn around time of less than 1 hour.




  • Expert inspection
  • Art type Identification
  • Market Valuation
  • Signed Appraisal
  • Artist Identification
  • AI Art Identification
  • Pre-Authentication Service
  • Frame Inspection
  • Written Certificate

Your Money, Your Time, Your Heritage

Examples of latest appraisals


Kickstart your ad with our detailed instructions to sell your art piece (if you want to sell it).

Our appraisers


REFUND if the art is worthless

Appraise your art online. Find out the value of any piece of original art you own.

We have appraisers online now.


We provide online art appraisal reports on the same day. However, our average time is 10 hours. Keep in mind that a professional appraiser will carefully study your case and will need some time to identify and write the report.

If your art is worthless, then we will tell you at no cost. It happens a lot with lithographies, that are confused with original paintings.

No, we don’t store any payment information.

We have a 100% refund policy if you aren’t satisfied. Our goal is to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible fee. We don’t want unsatisfied customers, so if you are not satisfied, you can be sure we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Yes, we need a front picture of the painting, a picture of the signature, and a picture of the back. That’s all.

I am sorry. Nobody works for free. If the appraisal is free, it is most likely because you will have to sell your item at that auction house with very large auction fees. There are even services that provide an undervalued appraisal so they will buy the art from you at a discount.

We have a flat-fee service of $39 for each report. It is the most affordable fee on the internet, and very convenient if compared with an in-person appraisal (>140 dollars).

You can communicate with us through email 24/7 at [email protected] or chat with us.

We have two options: credit cards or PayPal. The credit card payment provider is Stripe, while you can also pay with your credit card through your PayPal account.

Yes, it is. Keep in mind that it takes time to be an expert appraiser. At least you would need to search on Google for five hours to find a reliable answer.You would have to identify the art type and author, and then research past auction sales. So, the fee equals $4/hour of your time. An Online Art Appraisal is totally worth it.

We offer one of the best online appraisal fees at 39 USD for each written appraisal.

You just simply fill-in a 1-minute form, upload or email pictures to us, and that’s it. We will email you an online art appraisal report.