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Antique Jade Jewelry Appraisal: Do You Know How Much Your Jade Is Worth?

Jade: The Most Valuable Gemstone on the Market

Do you own a piece of antique jade jewelry? Wondering how much the jade is worth? Not sure who to go to for antique jade jewelry appraisal? We have you covered.
To know the value of the most valuable gemstone in the market, you first have to understand the many factors on which its worth depends.
Some of the factors you need to consider during your analysis include the quality of the jade, its color, the carat weight of the gem, and the cut and origin of the jade stone.
The quality of the jade you own is a major factor that will determine its value. While examining the gemstone look for vivid color, glossy shine, and a homogeneous texture. Any high-quality jade stone would have all three. Why is color such an important factor? The more vivid and intense the color of the stone, the more valuable it is. Measure the mass of the gemstone you have to know its carat weight. The higher the carat weight, the more the jade is worth. A jade stone that has clean and crisp edges with light reflecting evenly off it, is a well-cut and expensive gemstone. And last but not the least, jades from Myanmar are usually considered the most valuable.
On careful inspection and analysis, if you think the antique jade you own could be worth a fortune, have it appraised by a certified appraiser. Why? because only an expert can tell you its real value. Feel free to contact us at for a detailed evaluation.

Antique Jade vs. Vintage Jade

Not sure if the jade jewelry in your collection is an antique piece or whether it can be classified as vintage? One of the sure-shot ways to find out is knowing if the jewelry is more than 100 years old. Anything that is over a century old is considered rare and valuable, and so automatically becomes an antique piece. On the other hand, vintage jewelry is that which is at least two decades old. So while a 20-year-old jade piece may be less in age than a 100-year-old one, the jade is worth a good amount and is a valuable gemstone in the market.

White Jade vs. Green Jade: Which is More Valuable?

Contrary to popular belief, a jade stone is not always green! Yes, you heard that right. Jade is found in other colors too. White jade has a higher value than green jade in most global markets. While green jade continues to be the most sought-after, especially imperial jade, it is white jade that is a collector’s favorite acquisition. Here’s why. One, because white jade is rare, and two, because it is thought to have healing and spiritual properties. Also, white jade is known to have a higher luster and be more translucent than green jade. If you own antique jade gemstones and are not sure of their value, do not take them to a local jeweler for a check. Consult an expert appraiser. They can best judge the worth of your antique jade jewelry.

Jade: Wealth and Protection in One Precious Stone

Though jade has been an important part of Eastern culture for ages, it is a rock that gem lovers from across the globe revere. So what is it that makes this rock so precious? Its significance as a symbol of protection, good luck, and health is what adds value. In some countries, jade is believed to bring inner peace, wisdom, and balance in life. Much after being the stone of fascination of many Chinese emperors, jade continues to remain an eternal and mystical gemstone for collectors.
The value of antique jade can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. This depends on the quality, type, and origin of the stone. Many people still believe the best way to determine how much their jade is worth is to have it appraised by a jeweler. This is not only incorrect but can be futile too. Only a certified appraiser can provide authentic information about a gemstone and determine its real worth. To know more about the appraisal of antique jade jewelry contact us at today.

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