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Antique Cookie Jars Value: What Are The Most Valuable Cookies Jars In The World? Let’S Find Out!

  • Andres G 
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Antique Cookie Jars Value: When it comes to vintage cookie jars, the value is heavily influenced by which collectors are attending/viewing the auction, how rare the cookie jar is, and the condition in which it is. There are several stores both online and offline where you can sell your antique cookie jars for good amounts of money, but before considering selling your cookie jar, you first need to ensure your cookie jar is in good condition and is mint, or if not, ensure that it is cleaned up and stored correctly, and if there is some damage, then be upfront and transparent with the buyer. Some counterfeit Freddy the Gleep By McCoy jars are made, so collectors are looking for authentication markers such as the correct measurements and seals to ensure that they are paying $2 for a legitimate piece. IF you need a formal appraisal, you can use

Figural cookie jars can be either high-ticket items or lower-end revenue depending on how many are made over the years, whereas glass cookie jars are less common to find on the market, but are considered to be valuable due to their visual juxtaposition with pottery or porcelain ones. Whether you are looking for an addition to your Wonder Woman KitchenAid, or want to stump guests with a cookie jar that looks like an old-timey telephone, here are the best fun cookie jars that you can get your grubby hands on. Christmas Characters Sleigh Barbara Crews Check out this cookie jar, which features a variety of Disneys most popular characters, including Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Dopey, Mickey, and Minnie.

Antique Cookie Jars Value: A cookie jar surrounded by gold coins and jewelry

Mickey & Minnie Baking Tin Barbara Crews This adorable Mickey & Minnie tin has a transparent plastic door so you can see what is baking inside. Poohs Kitchen Table Barbara Crews This jar is another one in the obvious Mickey series, doing something, or being in a scene. Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Barbara Crews Although at times, this jar has been attributed to California Originals, you can tell from the stickers that it was made in Japan.

This indicates it is an Aldo Londi Originals design, and was made in the 50s. It also tells you that it is handmade, meaning there is no other like it anywhere else in the world. While reports are unsure of the time period in which the pot was made, it is certainly from between 1930 to 1990 (the years that McCoy was active making ceramics).

The orange-red glaze is not necessarily a signature for any particular time frame of Bitossi company in Italy, making this an even more difficult piece to accurately date. The first several times this can was offered for auction, it sold for much more than its original value, despite being one of Disneys largest limited-edition items. Once available through the Disney catalog and the Disney Online Store, this incredibly heavy, 11-inch tall canner was worth $20-$50.

Thumper/Flower Jar from Disney Auctions This adorable jar with a Thumper and flower is one of 350 jars that are a limited run, measuring 7.75 x 10.75 x 12.75 inches. Donald Duck Bakes Cookies Barbara Crews This is the first limited edition jar released by Disney Auctions, and it is one of the harder ones to find. This freestanding Cookie Jar has so many reasons to make a great addition to your Kitchen Collection With a unique cobalt blue coloring made from Depression glass, this classic is definitely a must-have.

This beautiful Green Bohemian Blown Glass Apothecary Cookie Jar was made in 1970s and is a great option for your kitchen collection of collectibles, it has bright green hand-blown glass which has a great contrast with the design. Looking at this antique cookie jar, you can tell it features just a large, single rose, which makes it quite unique, as most jars typically show bouquets of flowers. Using the dog theme, this pretty design features a nice Poodle in the chefs position, wearing a small white chefs hat over his curly golden hair.

Antique Cookie Jars Value: A cookie jar with a magnifying glass: A cookie jar with a magnifying glass, emphasizing how close inspection

Not only does it feature a unique look, the Outshine Vintage Cookie Jar has a leakproof lid, which is removable too, making it easier to work with and keep Outshine Vintage Cookie Jars for longer periods of time. Anchor Hocking Cookie Jar is made from glass, so you can always see what is inside, and how many cookies you have left. Notably, even the lid is made of glass for the sake of aesthetics, so you can always see the cookies you have in there.

Unless you are making a cookie mix in a mason jar, you are going to want to show off the cookies on your kitchen counter or your dining room table, where they will be visible for all of your family. If you have leftover cookies after baking, they are best stored somewhere other than Cookie Monsters belly. The best way to regain your cookies softness is by placing an old piece of bread in a can with your cookies.

Antique Cookie Jars Value: Money bag overflowing with coins and cookie jars scattered around it

Also, the Anchor Hocking Jar comes with an appropriate black aluminum cover that has a rubber gasket for keeping it airtight, which will make sure that your cookies will remain fresh and keep their flavors while they are stored in it. Best of all, both jars and the lid are FDA-approved, so you can use them for long-term food preservation with confidence. This means that you will not need to worry about breaking the jars, yet you will still own beautiful, shiny bottles, just like a mason jar.

This exquisite cookie jar is handmade by Don Winton, a famous sculptor who is responsible for creating a number of renowned trophies, awards, and busts, including an Emmy, an Academy of Country Music award, and the famous basketball John Wooden award. While R2-D2s trashcan-shaped shape or Death Star might better fit the cookies holder, it is this cookie jars uncanny similarity to the Vader from Empire Strikes Back that makes it ideal for anyone looking to forget the Rise of Skywalker never happened. Originally featuring a voicebox that spoke when opened, the remaining vintage-style cans are harsh yet quiet in their warnings about your sugar addiction.

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