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Antique Brass Bed Value: What you should look at?

Antique Brass Bed Value: Originally much cheaper and easier to maintain than brass beds, iron beds are on the vintage market as well. Originally less expensive than brass or wood beds, and easier to care for, iron beds are fascinating items on the antiques market today. They generally tend to be a more affordable alternative to brass frames, while offering an entirely different appearance. You can also appraise your antique professionally at

Antique Brass Bed Value: An old brass bed on a vintage rug with an old-fashioned lamp: illustrating the timelessness

The best part of bed frames made from iron is their vast range of shapes and styles, ranging from the neat, geometric designs of the Art Deco period to more intricate Victorian styles. Iron beds lend themselves a very classic and rustic feel. And because of their easily reshapable properties, they are made to intricate, exquisite designs.

An antique brass bed, designed in Victorian art nouveau or art deco styles, is usually a popular furniture item. The more expensive vintage brass beds are well-conditioned, are made from pure brass, and feature intricately detailed friezes and carvings. Over their nearly 200-year lifespan, some of the brass in vintage beds has been painted and many are worn away by wear from being polished.

Identifying vintage brass can be a little difficult, as it has the tendency to wear off over time, and older beds are sometimes painted over to alter the appearance. Identifying authentic antique brass can be tricky because it is a material that tends to tarnish over time.

Sometimes, an antique brass item is the beauty of its tarnish, and Carl Sorenson suggests leaving it as is. If you would like a polished brass bed frame, you will have to keep it in good condition by regularly polishing, because brass has the tendency to wear off rapidly with age. This polishing is also the downside to vintage brass, since brass beds require frequent maintenance in order to keep them looking good.

Antique Brass Bed Value: A close-up of a brass bed headboard, surrounded by golden light: highlighting the beauty

This is also the biggest issue when buying an antique brass bed frame, since it can get bad condition, which is difficult to repair. If you look at an antique beds casts or spindles and notice that they are visibly spongy, it devalues the beds value and can be difficult to restore. If antique beds are re-configured–a twin bed is converted into a queen, for instance–the value declines.

Whether you are buying or selling an antique iron bed frame, you need to identify its true value. If you are not sure about the value of your antique iron bed frame, or if you would like things like insurance for it, you may wish to have a professional appraise it.

Show pictures of any marks on the bed, as well as close-ups of the posts. Be sure to include measurements and sizes, as well as where it is located. Ask for insurance and the retail price, as well as the best place for you to sell.

Antique Brass Bed Value: A family heirloom brass bed in a room filled with antiques

Looking for Manufacturer MarksLook over the bed and see if you can spot any marks from furniture manufacturers. To tell the age of a bed, look for the manufacturers marks first (they are typically found on the frame). If you are lucky enough to find some maker marks, you can probably estimate the frame era.

The manufacturers marks tell you where the bed was made, by who (and also tell you, literally, when). You can find the mark stamped into your beds frame, usually in a non-obtrusive place such as close to the footboard or the back of the headboard. If the headboard and footboard are not built into the bed frame, then it is likely to be a modern replica.

These mixed metal frames can feature brass details in the headboard, footboard, or the frame side rails. From painted frames to working iron frames, the sky is the limit when it comes to what models you can choose.

In more recent times, water-based paints have been used for painting wrought iron frames, or even for restoration of vintage frames. Iron is sometimes treated to keep it from rusting, and rusting may be a problem with vintage beds made from iron. Antique bed frames were mostly made from brass or cast iron, whereas modern ones are made from aluminum, which is cheaper and lighter.

There is a huge difference between mass-produced beds and artisanal, custom-made brass beds that are made to last. By asking some questions, you can quickly determine your brass beds quality — and determine whether or not you are getting a great deal at the end.

After that, you can research similar beds that have sold recently in the different antique markets, or you can consult with an expert, who will be able to provide better, professional advice. You can also search antique collecting forums and ask fellow collectors and experts for their opinions about your piece. All these great sites can be used to check current prices for that antique picture frame that you are looking to sell or buy.

There, you can actually view the frame yourself, and ask any questions you would like of the dealer or auctioneer. We will also give tips on determining style and age of the cast iron bed frames, and also help you to decide on your value for an antique cast iron bed frame.

Check out our cast brass beds of different styles, all made right here at our Richmond, VA, factory by true artisans. Whether you picked up an antique lamp or simply replaced the cabinet pulls, heres how to keep all of your brass items looking their best. Check out Ebay, Craigslist, or another online platform that sells brass bedding that is of a similar age, color, and quality of craftsmanship.

Remember, there is a downside to polishing, as beds with brass frames can need periodic maintenance to keep a polished appearance. This can appear to be a discreet marking, so you will need to be very careful when looking for this. Such markings can aid you to identify the manufacturers name, and then you can trace and track down where the source is from!This is one of the best ways of telling the age of a vintage brass bed frame.

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