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Antique Book Value Guide: What Are The Characteristics Of A Valuable Book?

  • Andres G 
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If you are interested in selling your vintage book, or just curious as to its market value, then (as always) the Internet is your best bet. We have created this definitive guide for you, with the hopes that it helps you to know everything that you need to know before finding a valuation of your collection of vintage books. You can also appraise your book professionally at

Now that you are educated on the factors that may affect the value of an antique book, below are a few examples of rare books, with their prices, to provide you the knowledge on how those factors play out. To understand how to estimate the value of your rare books, it is important you know first of the factors that may affect old books values. Whether you are a book collector with a large library, or have just found a few old books lying in the attic, it can be challenging to determine the cost or value of older books.

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We understand that finding a trusted source that will help you determine the value of your old books can be difficult, especially if it is a new experience for you. Even if you cannot find comparable versions that recently sold via the Internets Marketplace stalls or auctions, a trained Rare Book Appraiser can provide the details you need. If you cannot find any books that are similar to yours on the Internet, then taking it in for an antique book appraisal might be worthwhile, where an expert would determine its value.

The ease at which you can establish a market value of an uncommon book depends in part on how rare the publication is, and whether there are copies recently sold. A book is likely to be attractive to collectors, and thus be worth more, if you have actually heard about the book or author. A book known to only exist in a handful of copies can be worth significant money if it is coveted by collectors.

Outstanding Condition: The books condition can make it a rarity, particularly if it is one of a small number in good condition. For example, if the books author, famous people, and prominent people have signed their names to the book, that makes the book more rare. For example, physical condition of the book, relevance as literary works, and the history of it (so, whether or not the property of the notable person).

Books are valued because of their significance in terms of content, their scarcity, imprint or publication date, physical characteristics or condition, or their associations (signed or annotated by a well-known author, e.g. Value may come from edition, the quality of the printing, binding, or illustrations, the provenance, and so on, but books are not valued strictly as vessels of their contents within. A book may be collectible for many reasons, including its author, title, and subject matter; the press in which it was printed; the artwork within; and its importance to book history, to name just a few.

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A rare book may be any book that is difficult to find, particularly because of its date of publication, the number of copies that were issued, or the historic interest. Whether you have older books laying around your attic, are shopping an antique flea market, or are thinking about starting the rare books collecting hobby, you might wonder how to tell the difference between a rare book and an ordinary one. If you come across an older or unusual book, you might be curious as to whether or not it is worth anything.

Even if the old book is a rarity and is in great condition, it may not be sold for a large sum of money unless it is sought after. With a books title, author, publisher, and publication date, along with the books printing number and general condition, you will probably find another copy of your book on the Internet that is up for sale. You can also be asked about your books publishing date, since that helps to identify editions and how rare your book is.

Antique Book Value Guide:Image of an antique book with the title “”The Value of Antique Books””

You will have to fill in any details about how your book looks — if it is hardback or softback, whether it has a jacket, the condition of the book, or whether it is a signed edition. Look for Limited editions, even if the book is not first edition, books published with numbers under 500, and even Limited editions may be rare. In fact, with contemporary first editions, books that are sold without their dust jackets are sold at only a fraction of their cost.

You will note that having the dust jacket is essential for the value of the hardcover books which had them initially. As most collectors know, a nice-condition jacket greatly increases a books value. For hardcover books published in the 20th century onward, having the dust jacket present, as well as the condition, greatly impacts the value.

If we again consider the example of The Great Gatsby discussed previously, the presence of tears in a dust jacket significantly reduces a books value. Some circumstances may be extreme; Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers reports, for instance, that a dust jacketed, first printing of F. Scott Fitzgeralds Tender is the Night could sell for $6,000, whereas a dust jacketless copy is only worth about $300.- If the book was published simultaneously in two places, such as New York City and London, the place where it was distributed first to booksellers is considered to be the source of the actual first printing. Generally, the value of a book increases in value the closer the first printing is, particularly first printings.

An extremely rare copy of a world-changing work may command a higher price regardless of condition. Once you determine your books condition and other characteristics, you can investigate its value by comparing what similar books have sold for. Armed with the knowledge of your books worth, you can establish your own price and seek out the highest available bid. The following chart shows auction prices paid for some of the worlds rarest books, along with a handful you may have stashed away on a bookshelf. The first step in selling your rare books successfully at the highest possible price is knowing what you have. If you truly want an audited appraisal of a books value (for probate or insurance purposes), visit a local rare bookseller and pay for an official appraisal.

Whether you own a great older hardcover or first edition classic, knowing its value is essential to whether you are going to properly insure or sell it. If you take the Econ 101 version of rare books, it is simply supply and demand determining a given books rarity. When valuing particular books, a severityof errors made during printing increases their value.

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