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Antique Bedroom Sets Value: 5 Things To Look At

  • Andres G 
  • 4 min read

Antique Bedroom Sets Value? There are many factors involved in determining antique furnitures value, and this is the reason so many people make costly mistakes. Sometimes, the easiest way to get an approximate idea of how much your antique furniture is worth is to look at what other comparable pieces are priced at. Wholesale Value If you walk into a dealer looking to find out what antique furniture is worth (without buying an appraisal), they are likely to quote you the wholesale price. You can also find the value at

Antique Bedroom Sets Value: A vintage calculator with antique furniture in the background: Emphasizing the importance of accurate value assessment for antique bedroom sets

There are several online sites that provide free appraisals on items like this, and they have access to auctions across the country, as well as knowing brands of furniture without tags. Someone might be able to give you approximate age or design, but value will be nearly impossible since values are determined from the current sales, and there is little chance that someone could even find one item similar to yours since pieces of this type are typically sold in auctions designed to handle pieces such as these. In fact, each piece of furniture has several different values or prices all depending on what your ultimate purpose is for the piece.

Antique Bedroom Sets Value:An ornate bedroom set in a museum with a plaque: Illustrating the timeless beauty of antique bedroom sets

Everyone deserves to find the pieces of furniture that fit with their design, and Hat Creek Interior is here to make it happen for you. If you are a rancher at heart and want to fill up your bedroom with rustic vintage pieces, then Hat Creek Interiors is the place to look. Having a vision in mind for bedroom decor is one thing, but finding that piece no one else has is even better.

Olde Good Things current inventory includes vintage bedroom furniture sets with dark wood finishes, light wood finishes, white, red, tan, blue, and yellow. Today, each antique Thomasville solid wood dresser, dining chair, and kitchen table is an appealing piece of American furniture history. Thomasville used furniture is generally a sought-after furniture item, but pieces created in the mid-century modern, Hollywood Regency, and contemporary styles are sought after more often than not.

This is a late 19th century full furniture set, wood is Red Cedar, all carved by hand, and is in great condition. The listing does not include the nightstand on the right side of the bed as shown in the photos, but it does include nightstands matching the set.

Antique Bedroom Sets Value:A figure of a person holding a magnifying glass and standing next to a grand antique bedroom set: Showcasing the need for research when valuing antique bedroom sets

Add to cart Bedroom Furniture Bedroom Mid Century Modern June 30, 2021* A Thomasville Dining Room Set from the 1970s may be sold separately, and a table and chairs typically run about $600-$800. Before getting too excited, it is important to note that the more expensive vintage furniture is rarely found, and the majority of vintage furniture for sale is not worthy of an Antiques Roadshow.

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