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Antique Armoire Value: What You Should Look?

  • Andres G 
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Antique Armoire Value: Finding the value of an antique dresser can require a bit of digging and pinpointing the time of its manufacture, but with some diligence, you can do so. With the manufacturers name, the style, or the marks, your research will be easier and will produce results that determine the worth of your antique armoire. Discovering an armoires antique value or cost comes down to researching an armoires antique style, age, and quality. You can also find the value at

In the style department, there is no question that you will be able to get a much more unique and customized look for your home using an antique armoire versus a IKEA one. The beauty of purchasing or collecting vintage armoires is that you can find a wide variety of pieces that will complement your interior design.

Antique Armoire Value: A family heirloom armoire, with a price tag attached to it.

If you are looking for a piece that will beautify your large room, then you need look no further than this armoire beauty. If lacking in elaborate style details or added bling, the simple antique 1940s armoire can be coveted for its handy storage uses.

A good example of an extremely rare piece of vintage furniture you do not want reupholstered or repaired is a 1760s-made Goddard and Townsend Secretary Desk. You can also find books on restoring antique furniture containing armoires in their Woodworking sections.

You can find vintage armoires in a variety of prices, although do not expect to pay under $200 for anything remotely nice-looking. The best-priced antique armoires will exhibit incredible condition, with nice details representing specific styles. Since you may be using an antique armoire for everyday living, you may want to think of it as more of an extravagant closet.

After all, knowing about the era, story, and structure of a closet helps you gain valuable wisdom regarding your antique armoires worth. If you own an antique armoire, or are planning to buy one, there are a few things that you can look for in order to identify the time period in which an antique armoire was built. The fastest way to tell the age of a piece of furniture is to check whether or not it was handcrafted or manufactured.

Antique Armoire Value:A line of armoires with a bright spotlight, indicating the attention to detail necessary to accurately assess its value.

Look to see if the furniture item in question has had previous repairs done (such as new screws replacing an older one). Until you know what you are dealing with, any attempted repairs or clean-ups can devalue it.

There are a few reasons to consider this seriously before you restore or restore an antique item. If you are just looking to continue a practice of passing on family-loved heirlooms antiques, and want to have them refinished and restored, there is no reason to be concerned about degrading the value of the pieces already treasured by you. If your antique is something with much greater sentimental value for you, there is a lot more discretion on your part when it comes to restoration.

A competent antiques appraiser or dealer should be able to tell you if repairs and restorations will add value to the piece in general. Even if you are sure that you have discovered its value yourself, it is still hard to make a good educated guess about the best way to restore a piece without degrading its value. Whether you are a casual collector or an avid lover of vintage furniture, it is essential that you know how much your pieces are worth.

Understanding the value of antique furniture In addition to insurance values of your furniture, there are different types of values that you can come across when doing research. When looking at these values of your antique furniture, it is important to realize that the range is representative of the furnitures condition, the current demand in the market, and other important factors, all of which may differ depending on the particular piece or region where it is being sold.

Antique Armoire Value:A stack of antique armoires, with a magnifying glass over them to show details.

Wholesale Value If you walk into a dealer looking to find out what an antique furniture is worth (without purchasing an appraisal), then the price that they will offer you is likely going to be the wholesale price. Online Searching Antique Furniture Values You can also find out the value of your antique furniture by searching it on the Internet. Sometimes, the easiest way to get an approximate idea of how much your antique furniture is worth is to look at what other, similar pieces are priced at.

You can look at furniture by the manufacturers name or by type of item to understand their values. Antiques and Vintage (the smaller sibling to Antiques) are often used interchangeably, and we wanted to provide an insight into different styles and price points. Built from new materials, every Vintage-styled cabinet is custom-built to your personal specifications.

Many companies have evolved their brand over time, so you only need the logo to have an overall sense of the age of your antique. Simply search for a (brand name) logo in online images, and you will be on your way to pinpointing your pieces age.

Keep a close eye out for signs of use, along with slight nicks, scratches, and such; these are excellent indicators of whether the piece has been loved over generations. Take note of overall quality of wood, along with the workmanship, as well as any carvings that may have been done on the piece. If you discover that your piece is exceedingly valuable, you will want to keep it, instead, reach out to professionals who deal in high-end furniture, or reach out to a museum curator who can help guide you in finding a professional to restore and restore.

Whether you have love or loathing for antiques, one things for sure: Some antique furniture can be worth quite a bit. If the right person does not make an offer at any given auction, that furniture may end up selling for almost nothing, no matter what the value at the auction says.

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