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Antique Appraisals Online: Cheaper, More Efficient Than In Person Appraisals

  • Andres G 
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Antique Appraisals Online: If you are wondering how much an antique is worth, then getting a free appraisal of the piece of antiquities from online companies may be sufficient to satiate your curiosity. Keep in mind, free antique appraisals are typically based on a dealers purchase price or the value at an auction. Most auction houses or antique businesses will offer a free appraisal of an antique, particularly if you plan on selling the piece. You can also paid a small fee at to get your antique appraised by a professional.

That is, most free appraisal services will not give a certificate of valuation, and are simply intended to assess for the purposes of selling back, or for the purposes of evaluating at auction. If you are looking for simple pricing estimates to figure out what your items would sell for, using a free appraisal service can help give you a relatively accurate market value.

Antique Appraisals Online: Antique Appraisal Process: An image of an appraiser inspecting an antique piece with a magnifying glass and a notebook in the background.

Many online appraisals will provide a PDF valuation certificate, which contains the replacement value that can be used by insurance companies for your items insurance. For significant antiques and collectibles, an appraiser, like Appraiser & Auctioneer Kerry Shrives, will also provide a what is known as a collateral value so the owner may be able to replace an object should it be destroyed or stolen. To ensure that no confusion over values arises, Appraiser and Auctioneer Kerry Shrives said that the appraisers at the ANTIQUES Roadshow nearly always take pains to clarify which of the three values they are providing over the air.

Appraiser and auctioneer Kerry Shrives knows many of her clients come to her looking for a valuation for treasured antiques and family heirlooms. Appraiser and auctioneer Kerry Shrives says that the public needs to keep in mind that dealers are businesspeople, and the vast majority offer items for the market-supported retail price.

Unlike retail and auction values, which are usually oral, appraisers provide insured values in formal written appraisals. A written appraisal is generally required for insurance purposes, whereas a verbal appraisal is perfect for someone who simply wants to know what they should be asking if they plan on selling the item out of their house.

Antique Appraisals Online: An image of an antique piece on a laptop screen with a magnifying glass in the foreground.

If you need an insurance policy on an antique item, or want to sell something that is more valuable, consider getting a written, certified appraisal. With help from professionals offering antique appraisal services in Massachusetts, you can obtain an accurate listing of your possessions. Whether you are a collector or just curious as to how much your items are worth, getting an Antique Appraisal MA can help.

After this, the professionals that conduct an antique appraisal in MA will search auctions or other dealers to find similar items that are collectibles like yours. By comparing the value of it with others via an MA antique appraisal, the professional will have enough information to give you an alternative value to your piece. Knowing your items value through antique appraisals MA allows you to determine its insurance, market, or estate value.

No matter the condition, age, or type of your item, our experts can provide a value. If you want an Antique Furniture Valuation by our Online Experts, just upload a photo and let us know any additional details you know about the item.

Value My Stuff is an easy-to-use online valuer to keep track of your collectibles, receive a certificate of value for your items, and receive a real-world appraisal from an auction experts. Value My Stuff is a new online valuation service working with auction house experts to provide online appraisals of your items. Online appraisal services generally mean a free or paid valuation of items like artwork, antiques, currency, or other collectibles.

Antique Appraisals Online: Get the Most for Your Antique: An image of a person holding a golden antique piece in the center of a beam of light.

Quality online appraisal services will have certified gemologists, antique appraisers, auction experts, and other experts in the field on-site to examine your precious items. From expert services to knowledgeable opinions, find the top 4 options for online antique valuation. We have included online appraisal services only those working directly with experts in the field and licensed professionals who are capable of accurately assessing high-value items like artwork, jewelry, currency, and other collectibles.

Us, the Kaminski Auctions Team, offers a broad array of services involving the auctioning and valuing of artwork, antiquities, and more. If you have items that you want put up for auction, or you are in the market for some amazing antiques you are ready to make an offer on, we are there for you.

These auction houses offer valuable data on sales of artwork, antiques, vintage, luxury, and collectibles at WorthPoint. WorthPoint is one of the largest online resources for finding, pricing, and buying or selling antiques, collectibles, and fine art. WorthPoint is an online database of over 540 million prices for antiques, as well as thousands of expert articles.

This largest antiques gallery is located in Florida, where they offer free appraisals of antique furniture, jewelry, Asian antiques, and entire estates. If you believe that your antique is worth more than a couple of thousand dollars, consider getting an auction-quality valuation via the online Christies valuation form.

When the auction houses do their vintage clearance, the value of antiques and the appraisals they have received might not be what is being priced out to the vintage buyers for making a purchase, as typically, they receive bulk discounts. If no appraisals are done, a person in the auction house bidding on the items sets his own version of an estimate, stopping bidding beyond what they believe the items are worth. The only difference between an estimate and E-assessment is that E-assessment takes place on-line, rather than in-person.

Obviously, taking is frowned upon by Kerry Shrives, appraiser and auctioneer, as well as by the Appraisers Association of America, as it provides financial incentives for the appraiser to needlessly overstate their estimates for an antiques worth. Both depend upon current market trends and a professional assessors knowledge of antiquities in order to assign an exact value to the item; neither is a legitimate business.

Depending on the object and purpose of the appraisal, oftentimes simple verbal identification and value assessment is sufficient, and is usually fairly cheap. Even such long-standing auction houses in New York like Sothebys and Christies provide online appraisals at no charge.

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