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Home » “Uncle Sam” Ward as caricatured by Spy (Leslie Ward) in Vanity Fair, January 1880

“Uncle Sam” Ward as caricatured by Spy (Leslie Ward) in Vanity Fair, January 1880

  • Andres G 
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Original Uncle Sams Spy drawing

Description and history

Samuel Cutler “Sam” Ward (January 27, 1814 — May 19, 1884),[1] was an American poet, politician, author, and gourmet, and in the years after the Civil War he was widely known as the “King of the Lobby.” This is a caricature by Spy Leslie Ward originally published in January 1880. The original drawing had the title and the signature of Leslie, Vanity Fair on top left corner and the title on the bottom. You can see a picture of the original drawing here:

In this case, the picture shows it is a print. At the time it was quite common to see collection of caricatures sold together as decorative pieces.

Appraisal Value ($)

– 40-50$

How to sell it

Art pieces are difficult to sell, you will need some time to find a buyer, so be patient!

To sell the items, I would recommend doing so through the internet. You have plenty of options, for instance:

– Ebay, Craiglist, Etsy, Facebook ads, Amazon marktplace

I would probably go ahead and take a couple of good pictures, like described here:

Then I would use the provided description as a text to the ad, and an attractive ad title will make it.

There isn’t any special difference between selling it on Etsy, FB or Amazon. I would recommend to upload the same ad to at least two or three platforms. It will ensure a high visibility of the ad.

The asking price can be close to the value, it depends upon how fast you want to sell. In general, an agressive strategy of 20% price cut will work great, however it depends upon your specific location.

About the valuation method

To value this item I have considered the results from past auction sales. Keep in mind that the final price can be different from asking prices that you can find on the internet. You can see ads on the internet with different asking prices. However, a very high asking price doesn’t normally find cash from a buyer. 

That’s why our method comprises searching and comparing similar past sale results that had a buyer. That’s why we can provide an accurate estimation of this item.

For art pieces, remember that it isn’t the same a print, a limited edition print or an original art piece. If the artist can’t be identified, the value assigned corresponds to the quality and potential interest of the market for the painting. 

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