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A magnificient Silver Sterling Commemorative Tray

Radius of the tray – 11,81 inches
Weight of the tray – 34,56 oz
Due to the limits of uploaded images please see the pictures of the tray on my Google Disk

Description and history

This is a magnificient Sterling Silver Commemorative Tray. Let’s start with the silver hall mark. 

The mark G&S.Co over Ld into a trefoil corresponds to Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company. The company was established in 1880 at 112 Regent Street, London, original founders were William Gibson and John Lawrence Langman. The firm was integrated in 1952 in Garrard & Co Ltd. The next symbol is the lion mark, which represents the silver purity, in this case 925, 92,5% of pure silver (sterling). Then we can see the Leopard mark, which was used by the London Assay Office, so this tray was minted in London. The mark “letter R” means the year, this particular tray was made in 1932.

The tray is engraved in honor of Mayor of Wallasey, 1932-1933. In principle, the historical importance of this fact is limited, so it doesn’t really add any value to the tray. The signatures are engraved on silver, so they don’t have any value.

In this case, I consider the value of the silver and an extra value as it is a collectible silver tray. A premium for spot silver was considered.

Appraisal Value ($)

– 900-1,200$

How to sell it

As this object is made from precious metals, some precautions are needed to sell it. Safety first, if you sell it directly to an individual, make sure you meet the potential buyer at a public place, for instance, a coffee shop. If you ship the object, please, make sure to use a fully-insured shipment method and specifically declare the value of the shipment goods in the forms. The increased insurance fee is an investment and most likely, mandatory all the time. If you have any doubt about the buyer, I would recommend to inmediatly decline the sale. It is really easy to sell this item, so it isn’t worth taking excessive risks.

To sell the items, I would recommend doing so through the internet. You have plenty of options, for instance:

– Ebay, Craiglist, Etsy, Facebook ads, Amazon marktplace

I would probably go ahead and take a couple of good pictures, like described here:

Then I would use the provided description as a text to the ad, and an attractive ad title will make it.

There isn’t any special difference between selling it on Etsy, FB or Amazon. I would recommend to upload the same ad to at least two or three platforms. It will ensure a high visibility of the ad.

The asking price can be close to the value, it depends upon how fast you want to sell. In general, an agressive strategy of 20% price cut will work great, however it depends upon your specific location.

About the valuation method

To value this item I have considered the results from past auction sales. Keep in mind that the final price can be different from asking prices that you can find on the internet. You can see ads on the internet with different asking prices. However, a very high asking price doesn’t normally find cash from a buyer. 

That’s why our method comprises searching and comparing similar past sale results that had a buyer. That’s why we can provide an accurate estimation of this item.

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