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1991 to commemorate the centennial of the Lord of the Rings

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Description and history

This is a 1991 to commemorate edition of the centennial of the Lord of the Rings hallmarked .750 (75% of pure gold, 18K). This set can be valuable for collectors and for potential buyers of precious metals. The value of bare gold is worth 5,500-6,500$, assuming the physical gold spot price of 85$ per gram (USD$).

However, this edition is quite collectible by the community. The most known set is named “The Noble Collection”. I have used this set as a guide to find the collectors value of your set. The Noble collection is a 18k ring collection with the rings Vilya, The Ring Of Elrond (This Is a Replica Of the ring worn by Hugo Weaving as King Elrond), The Aragorn Ring Of Barahir… Between others. However, your set is a pure gold set, which increases its value. As there is no other records of your set, I can calculate the appraisal value assuming a similar price premium compared to The Noble Collection. I have also increased the premium 20%, as this is a rare set. I would probably recommend selling this in an auction house, it is a unique item.

Appraisal Value ($)


How to sell it

As this object is made from precious metals, some precautions are needed to sell it. Safety first, if you sell it directly to an individual, make sure you meet the potential buyer at a public place, for instance, a coffee shop. If you ship the object, please, make sure to use a fully-insured shipment method and specifically declare the value of the shipment goods in the forms. The increased insurance fee is an investment and most likely, mandatory all the time. If you have any doubt about the buyer, I would recommend to inmediatly decline the sale. It is really easy to sell this item, so it isn’t worth taking excessive risks.

To sell the items, I would recommend doing so through the internet. You have plenty of options, for instance:

– Ebay, Craiglist, Etsy, Facebook ads, Amazon marktplace

I would probably go ahead and take a couple of good pictures, like described here:

Then I would use the provided description as a text to the ad, and an attractive ad title will make it.

There isn’t any special difference between selling it on Etsy, FB or Amazon. I would recommend to upload the same ad to at least two or three platforms. It will ensure a high visibility of the ad.

The asking price can be close to the value, it depends upon how fast you want to sell. In general, an agressive strategy of 20% price cut will work great, however it depends upon your specific location.

About the valuation method

To value this item I have considered the results from past auction sales. Keep in mind that the final price can be different from asking prices that you can find on the internet. You can see ads on the internet with different asking prices. However, a very high asking price doesn’t normally find cash from a buyer. 

That’s why our method comprises searching and comparing similar past sale results that had a buyer. That’s why we can provide an accurate estimation of this item.

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